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Learn More About Get Carports Very Simple and Streamlined Sales & Purchase Process

If you’re looking to invest in a custom garage, backyard storage shed, or other steel building that can be used for a variety of purposes, you can trust our team of specialists here at Get Carports to help you find the ideal solution. We partner with several manufacturers throughout the nation to better provide you with a complete collection of durable, yet affordable metal buildings. Investing in a new storage solution has never been easier, just give us a call today at (800) 691-5221 to speak with one of our friendly building specialists.


Get Carports Process

  • 1

    Speak with a Building Specialist Regarding Your Metal Structure

    The first step to designing your ideal steel structure is to speak with one of our building specialists about what you’re looking for. Whether you have questions, or you aren’t completely sure what you need, they can help with you everything.

  • 2

    Receive a Quote from Your Building Specialist

    Once you’ve designed a metal building and have added your preferred customization options, your building specialist can provide you with an estimated price quote. This final price can be affected by several factors, including the building’s size dimensions, style, install location, customization options, and certification.

  • 3

    An Order Will Be Written and Will Need Signatures

    All orders, once written, reviewed, and approved, will need both the signatures of you and your building specialist. Without these signatures, the manufacturer will not accept your order or install your metal building.

  • 4

    10% Down Payment Required

    There is a 10% down payment required for all purchases. This down payment will depend on the cost of your structure as it is 10% of the total price. Your building specialist can answer any questions you may have regarding price and payment.

  • 5

    Pricing Completed by Get Carports

    All price quotes by Get Carports are given by our building specialists who have used our own pricing sheets. There are financing options available if you cannot afford your metal building upfront.

  • 6

    If Corrections are Needed, Customer and/or Customer Representative Will Be Contacted

    If any changes need to be made to the building or the order, you will be contacted, or your building representative will be contacted. Your building representative will be in charge of contacting you if the manufacturer does not reach out to you first.

  • 7

    Order Form Will Become a Contract Once Signed

    Once you’ve confirmed your order form and sent in your signatures, it becomes a solid contract. While it is rare for changes to be made after being signed, exceptions can be made in certain cases.

  • 8

    Order Will Be Sent to the Installation Crew

    After your order is approved and signed, and we have collected your down payment, we will send your order to the manufacturer for installation.

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