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Metal Garage Kits

Metal garage kits provide the security you need, whether you are storing vehicles, ATVs, tools, or sports equipment! Their flexible, clear-span design empowers you to start a home business, create the perfect space for your passion project, and more. Get Carports offers a wide range of custom options, so your metal garage can fit the style of your existing structures and your taste. Metal garage kits are durable, stylish, and affordable for everyone. Don’t hesitate to invest in the best. Call Get Carports today at (800) 691-5221 !


Know More About Your Garage Kits

What You’ll Get in Our Metal Garage Kits (Components)

The ultimate DIY is a metal garage kit! Grab your tools, pick up your permit, and install your garage on your own time. Garage kits from Get Carports have everything you need, from panels down to hardware. Have a professional lay your foundation, then put up the structure yourself!

What you’ll find in a kit:

  • frame
  • base rail
  • bolts
  • screws
  • galvanized panels
  • EVERYTHING you need to install your garage!

Why You Need a Metal Garage Kit

Why should you purchase a metal garage kit from Get Carports? There are so many good reasons!

  • First, you’ll save money. Our garage kit prices are discounted, as they are pre-engineered and prefabricated.
  • Second, you’ll get your garage more quickly! Lead times on kits are much shorter; in fact, the building you love might already be in stock!
  • Third, you can install the garage on your own time. Don’t stand around waiting for a crew to fit you into their busy schedule. You can have your garage completed as soon as you fit the final bolt into place.
  • And finally, you don’t need to worry about missing out on custom options. All our stylish options, such as gables, J-trim, and extra windows, will still be available to you if you buy a kit.

Your Metal Garage Kits are Customizable

  • Size & Colors – One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your custom metal garage. Measure your property and decide on general dimensions before you start shopping. Get Carports has so many sizes available, we’ll be sure to have a building that meets your needs. Next, choose from over a dozen paint colors, each one backed by our rust-through warranty! Compliment your home or match your latest vehicle with paint that will be stylish enough to please any HOA.
  • Windows – Will your garage have an open-air side? Do you prefer a full enclosure? You can add an extra walkout or a beautiful overhead door. Don’t forget that windows can create the perfect atmosphere for an office, a greenhouse, or a workshop. You can add or remove these options using our incredible 3D visualizer.
  • Garage and Walk-Out Doors – Optimize your maneuverability with additional walkouts or overhead garage doors and drive your ATVs or RVs with ease!
  • Roof Styles – Depending on the climate and weather patterns in your area, you may wish to choose a particular roof for your garage. The regular roof has curved edges and is recommended for areas that will see temperate weather. The reinforced A-frame, or “boxed-eave” is expertly rated to withstand high winds but isn’t recommended for areas with intense rain or snow. The strongest roof in our inventory is the vertical roof, which is an excellent option for locations that experience heavy snow loads and severe weather.

Find the Perfect Garage Kit that is Right for You

Are you ready to find the perfect garage? Then, it’s time to consider the factors that go into your investment. A metal building is built to last for a lifetime!

  • Decide on Your Exact Needs – Dimensions like height and width are an important part of your purchase. Before you browse the beautiful garages in our inventory, walk the property with a measuring tape, and consider the size of your storage. We can design a garage to fit any specification.
  • Check to See If There Are Any Restrictions or Requirements – Contact your local building office and HOA; some zoning laws may impact the size of your building. A building inspector should be able to give you a quick list of what you need to cut through the red tape.
  • Understand the Installation Needs – We recommend a soil survey to determine the best foundation for your installation site. Concrete, Asphalt, and gravel foundations are all solid choices for a metal garage kit. Depending on your foundation choice, our crew will supply you with appropriate anchors.

The Versatility of Metal Garages

  • Personal Gym – Quiet, sturdy, and airy, these garages are made for focused workouts! You can set up your gear and crank up the music in your new metal garage. An energy-efficient steel garage will keep you cool.
  • Entertainment Space – Install your dream television and surround speakers to create the perfect party space! Your metal garage can be customized for tech and provide all the space you’ll need for bar stools, sofas, and a pool table.
  • Workshop – Trade your cluttered toolbox for a beautiful, flexible space where you can customize a workbench! Put up the shelving you need to easily access all your favorite tools and utilize the space for your home projects.
  • Guest House or Spare Room – Metal garages are easily converted into guest houses. With simple insulation and wiring, your sturdy, spacious garage is ready for a magnificent makeover. Your guests won’t ever want to leave when they enjoy the comfort of a separate suite!
  • Business Space – Build the creative art studio you’ve always wanted or set up a home office with a chic customer space. When you need a place to focus, you need a custom metal building. A metal garage is a versatile space, and our custom design team will ensure it meets your unique needs.

Metal Garage Kits Pricing

The price of your garage kit will depend on various factors, including:

  • Steel price – High-quality steel is a commodity, and its price is affected by a variety of global economic factors. Get Carports accurately prices its models to reflect the changing prices in the marketplace and get the best possible deal for you.
  • Building Style – From A-frames to gables, our styles will appeal to every aesthetic. Whether you want your garage to match a traditional home or elevate your modern taste, our custom designers will deliver.
  • Building Size – Big or small, we engineer them all! The final price of your building will include the amount of steel reinforcement necessary to install it properly, so it may vary depending on your dimensions.
  • Customization – Our custom options are a customer favorite! From elegant J-trim to our beautiful palette of colors, you’ll find everything you need to create a stunning metal building. Your price will be affected by the options and accessories you add to your kit.
  • Location – Your distance from the manufacturer will have an impact on your final price. But Get Carports offers free delivery and installation, so don’t worry about the last leg of your building’s journey! We’ve got you covered.
  • Installation – Remember, Get Carports provides FREE installation! However, you might need to buy a few additional tools to complete your garage kit. This will affect your final price.
  • Insulation – Whether you are interested in fiberglass or foam, our team can install insulation to make your garage comfortable and cozy! Because metal buildings are so energy efficient, you’ll need very little insulation to do the job; however, different types of insulation have varying costs, so that will affect your final price tag.

Get Your Metal Garage Kit from Get Carports

Pick up the phone and call Get Carports at (800) 691-5221 – you won’t get a better building or a better deal anywhere else! Our friendly experts are committed to your complete satisfaction. We want you to love every steel panel, color, and custom window. Read through our customer reviews and check out our social media! You will see why our clients believe that Get Carports is the best in the business!

Your metal garage kit should be everything you need and more. Our accuracy, reliability, and affordability are only a few of the reasons to choose Get Carports over other distributors. Once you’ve fallen in love with our buildings, our warranties, our free delivery, and our devoted staff members, you won’t want to do business with anyone else!

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