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Metal Barn Kits

The modern barn has evolved past its humble beginnings. Historically, a barn was a moldering wooden structure and took weeks or months to build. A modern, metal barn is built to last a lifetime, with a cold-formed steel frame and reinforced panels that are certified to withstand extreme weather. A metal barn kit from Get Carports can be installed in a matter of days! Steel structures provided by Get Carports offer the ultimate protection to your crops and livestock. Best of all, our metal barn kits are an affordable, durable solution for every farm. With so many custom options available, your new metal barn kit will be a versatile structure for generations! Interested in metal barn kits? We offer metal barn building and kits at the best prices to fulfill all your agricultural storage needs.



What is in Our Metal Barn Kits

The ultimate DIY is a metal barn kit! Grab your tools, pick up your permit, and install on your own time. With a metal barn kit, you can relive the glory days of a barn raising without the hassle of inviting a hundred neighbors into your yard. Barn kits from Get Carports have everything you need, from panels down to hardware. Have a professional lay your foundation, then put up the structure yourself!

What you’ll find in a kit:

  • frame
  • base rail
  • bolts
  • screws
  • galvanized panels
  • EVERYTHING you need to install your barn!

Why Do You Need a Metal Barn Kit?

Why should you purchase a metal barn kit from Get Carports? There are so many good reasons!

  • First, you’ll save money. Our barn kit prices are discounted, as they are pre-engineered and prefabricated.
  • Second, you’ll get your barn more quickly! Lead times on kits are much shorter; in fact, the building you love might already be in stock!
  • Third, you can install the barn on your own time. Don’t stand around waiting for a crew to fit you into their busy schedule. You can have your barn completed as soon as you fit the final bolt into place.
  • And finally, you don’t need to worry about missing out on custom options. All our stylish options, such as gables, J-trim, and extra windows, will still be available to you if you buy a kit.

Your Metal Barn Kit & Custom Options

  • Size & Colors – One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your custom metal barn. Measure your property and decide on general dimensions before you start shopping. Get Carports has so many sizes available, we’ll be sure to have a building that meets your needs. Next, choose from over a dozen paint colors, each one backed by our rust-through warranty!
  • Windows – Will your barn have an open-air side? Do you prefer a full enclosure? You can add an extra walkout or a beautiful overhead door. Don’t forget that windows can create the perfect atmosphere for an office, a greenhouse, or a workshop. You can add or remove these options using our incredible 3D visualizer.
  • Garage and Walk-Out Doors – Optimize your maneuverability with additional walkouts or overhead garage doors and drive your tractors with ease!
  • Roof Styles – Depending on the climate and weather patterns in your area, you may wish to choose a particular roof for your barn. The regular roof has curved edges and is recommended for areas that will see temperate weather. The reinforced A-frame, or “boxed-eave” is expertly rated to withstand high winds but isn’t recommended for areas with intense rain or snow. The strongest roof in our inventory is the vertical roof, which is an excellent option for locations that experience heavy snow loads and severe weather.

Metal Barns at Get Carports

Not all farms are the same, and your barn should be customized to fit your unique needs! Whether your livestock needs more interior space, or your crops require energy-efficient storage, Get Carports delivers the best quality barns in the industry!

  • Regular roof barn – This beautiful, stable (pun intended) barn features our regular roof with curved edges. This roof is best suited to areas that don’t see extreme wind or snowy weather, so if you’re worried about location and climate, talk to one of our experts about upgrading to a reinforced roof. Custom options allow this barn to have space for your horses, their trailer, and office space.
  • Continuous roof barn – The continuous roof barn is designed with long paneling, unlike the drop-down barns seen in other parts of our inventory. Customize it with garage doors, lean-to sides, walkouts, or windows. This barn’s sleek, modern appearance will bring your farmyard into the 21st century.
  • Raised center aisle barn – The stylish Raised Barn from Get Carports is named for its obvious, raised center section. Featuring a vaulted center raised above the side roofs by several feet, this barn has space for your hayloft, a walkthrough, or room for that extra tall tractor you need to store. Backed by our standard warranties, you can be confident that this barn will last a lifetime.
  • Riding arenas – A metal riding arena is the safest structure for your beloved horses. Rated with the highest, Type I, rating from the International Building Code (IBC) for fire-resistance, steel is also prized for withstanding rot and mildew. It’s engineered without the use of toxic chemicals and won’t ever leech dangerous particulates into the air, thus, providing better indoor air quality than timber structures. Thanks to the incredible clear span design, you’ll have plenty of space for indoor riding and training.
  • Loafing sheds – Keep your feed fresh and secure with a durable steel structure. 14-gauge steel frames used by Get Carports are certified to withstand up to 140mph winds, and up to 35psf snow loads, so you can confidently store your crops or equipment in your metal barn kit. You’ll find that your insurance company has a lot of confidence in steel construction, too; metal buildings have much lower premiums than their traditional wood competitors.

Applications of Metal Barns

  • DAIRY BARN – Not all farms are the same; thus, not all barns should be built the same. If you need a barn to support your dairy business, you know that your livestock and unique products require customized storage. Metal barn kits offer all the customization options you could need, with clear span space in which you can design unique floorplans!
  • ANIMAL FEED STORAGE – Don’t ever worry about mold or mildew again! Metal buildings are professionally sealed and energy-efficient. Pests won’t be drawn to steel framing, and no toxins will leech out of pressure-treated wood when you choose a metal barn.
  • PLANT NURSERY – We can’t say enough about clear span space. When you have a hundred trays of sprouts to lovingly care for, you don’t want interior pillars crowding your floorplan. Customize your metal barn with extra windows for your greenhouse.
  • HOUSING – The latest trend in chic home design is metal barns; ditch the moldering wood interior and its allergen-inducing frame. Steel is eco-friendly, asthma-friendly, and energy-efficient. When you’re building your next custom home, consider the affordable and beautiful versatility of a metal barn.
  • AUTO REPAIR SHOP – Keep your tools clean and your equipment protected by an expertly rated, certified metal barn. When your business requires the best in clean, professional interiors, look no further than one of our beautiful steel structures.

Before You Buy a Metal Barn Kit

  • Choose the right location – Experts recommend a site that is slightly higher than the surrounding area for drainage purposes. Choose an area that is away from trees and other structures, as limbs may scratch through the paint on new steel panels.
  • Remove the debris – Your installation cannot begin if there is any debris or detritus on the worksite! All vegetation, including grass, must be cleared away. If your site is not ready, you may be charged a return fee.
  • Prepare your soil – Some properties may need a certain foundation to benefit their structure, or a particular drainage system.
  • Decide on the foundations – The most popular and durable option is concrete. If you prefer the appearance of asphalt, you’ll find that it is cheaper, but it requires yearly sealant to prevent cracks. Gravel can be used as a budget option, but you’ll want at least two layers tamped down before installation.


Research and have all the necessary permits before your delivery day! Some zoning codes require a permit to be posted at the installation site. Other municipalities have restrictions on dimensions or materials. Contact your local building office to ensure that you comply with all local codes; our experts are happy to help!

Get Carports has the Best Prices for Metal Barn Kits

Get Carports offers the best prices in the industry for metal barn kits! We take pride in every high-quality steel building we deliver, and you can rely on our extraordinary customer service. Our experts are devoted to finding a building you’ll treasure at a price you can afford, so call today to take advantage of our hassle-free financing options! There’s no credit check, and you’ll have same-day approval with our fantastic team. At Get Carports, our customers are our priority. Call now at (800) 691-5221 and get the metal barn kit you deserve at a price you’ll love!

Get Your Metal Barn Kit from Get Carports

Don’t settle for anything less than the best – we don’t! Get Carports is committed to providing the best metal barn kits with the best customer service at the best prices! We believe in our products, which is why every metal barn kit comes with our workmanship and panel warranties. You won’t find more committed customer representatives or more loyal professionals anywhere. When you purchase a building from us, you’re getting more than a metal barn kit – you’re getting a team of engineers, certified experts, and devoted customer service representatives who care about your ultimate satisfaction. Call today at (800) 691-5221 and discover the Get Carports difference!

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