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Metal Horse Barns

Have you recently considered investing in a custom steel barn for your farming needs? While our metal horse barns are an excellent option for almost every agricultural need you have, they are the perfect solution for housing your growing equine family. Whether you’re a small-town farmer, rancher, stock breeder, or simple horse owner, you’ll need to provide your animals with a safe and secure home. Here at Get Carports, we offer a variety of durable metal horse barns to choose from that can fulfill all your ever-changing needs.



Get a Metal Horse Barn at an Affordable Price

Get a Metal Horse Barn at an Affordable Price

The final price of your metal horse barn will vary based on its install location, size dimensions (width, length, height), added customization options, certification, and manufacturer. We have partnered with numerous manufacturers across the United States to provide you with a variety of affordable prices. However, while some customers may be able to afford their metal horse barn upfront, we understand it isn’t an option for everyone. If you’re looking into using a payment plan, you should consider one of our rent-to-own or financing programs. These two programs are two of the easiest and quickest ways to get the horse barn you need, when you need it, for a price you can afford. You can find more information on our website or feel free to reach out to us at Get Carports today.

Know About the Uses of Your Metal Horse Barn

Know About the Uses of Your Metal Horse Barn

While your initial reason for investing in a metal horse barn may be to house your equine, we know how often the needs of farmers change. So, no matter what your current or future agricultural needs may be, we guarantee one of our prefab barns can do it all. Take a look below for some inspiration on how to use a custom steel horse barn.

  • Riding Arena
  • Equipment Shelter
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Storage Unit
  • Workshop

Distinct Advantages of a Metal Horse Barn

Compared to their wooden counterparts, our metal horse barns are a far superior solution for most every agricultural need you may have. And while we understand there are several barn styles to choose from in the metal building industry, there are a few things we want you to consider about the barns we offer here at Get Carports.

  • Fully Customizable – We offer a wide range of customization options to personalize your horse barn with, from a variety of colors, to garage doors, to size dimensions. And unlike other metal building companies, we give you control over the design and layout of your barn.
  • Galvanized Steel Framing – During manufacturing, each of our steel framing components are dipped in a hot zinc coating to provide additional protection to the unit. Designed and engineered with the finest steel framing in the industry, our horse barns are a strong, durable storage solution.
  • Low Maintenance – Due to their galvanized steel framing, our horse barns require much less maintenance than their wooden counterparts and barns made with other building materials. You won’t have to worry about painting, staining, or repairing your structure for years to come.
  • Versatile – Their flexible designs allow our metal horse barns to adapt to your ever-changing needs, no matter if they’re personal, residential, agricultural, or commercial.

Why Choose Get Carports?

When it comes to investing in a horse barn, it can become overwhelming quickly. But here at Get Carports, we work hard to make the process as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. We can tailor a steel horse barn to your exact needs at a price you can more than afford. If you’re ready to find a reliable home of your equine, reach out to us today at (800) 691-5221 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists.

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