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Boat Carports

Owning a boat is a joy! Whether you keep a skiff for day trips or a fishing vessel you can party on all weekend with your pals, a boat offers a lifetime of freedom. If you’re moving to the coast or near a local lake, you may be looking forward to boat life. But how will you protect your boat after the season ends? Canvas and plastic covers hold up poorly to extreme storms, leaving your precious watercraft exposed to the elements. A custom metal structure will protect even the largest boats! You want to prevent damage from the top to the bottom of your craft. Get Carports, and our incredible boat carports are here to help!



Life is better on a boat,” and doesn’t your beloved boat deserve a good life in return?

Why Do Boats Need Covers?

Your boat deserves better than to be tied at the dock, where storms may sink it or expose its hull to damage. Long-term saltwater exposure may lead to barnacle formation and other maintenance issues. Perhaps, you think it’s better to park your boat in the yard. But your boat shouldn’t be left huddled under a tarp, where trapped moisture will breed mold. When debris, hail, or pests are a concern, your best investment is a metal boat carport!

What Makes Metal Boat Covers the Best Kind?

Metal boat carports are engineered with high-grade steel, which is fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. In fact, steel is rated a Type 1 building material by the International Building Code (IBC). Our boat carports are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy winter weather.

You can have confidence that, when you store your boat in a metal carport, it is secure from all weather and natural elements. Protect your investment with a boat carport for the long-term health of your boat!

Boat Carports – Security and Convenience

Your beloved boat shouldn’t be exposed to thieves or vandals while it’s in a dry dock. A steel boat carport is a secure enclosure. In fact, it’s sealed for energy efficiency and easily insulated for comfort!

Are you tired of making appointments at the marina or renting a space at the local club? Invest in our own convenience by keeping your boat on your property, secure and accessible. With the custom options available for extra overhead doors and walkouts, using your boat as often as you want will be convenient at last!

Design and Customize Your Boat Carport

You are the architect of your custom boat carport! Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D visualizer offered on the Get Carports website, you can see all custom options in real-time.

  • Colors – You want a boat carport to compliment your home and style. We offer over a dozen colors of galvanized steel panels with a rust-through warranty. We are confident in the longevity of our product!
  • Windows – Do you want natural light in your metal building interior? Window custom options are easy at Get Carports. Would you like French doors for access? We have got you covered – literally! We offer so many ways to redesign your carport.
  • Walk-in Doors and Garage Doors – Whatever access you want, we can deliver. If you need another standard walkout or double set of overhead doors for easy drive-thru maneuvering, our designers can create your dream boat carport.
  • Roof Styles – We offer three roof styles to accommodate a range of weather. Regular roofs are identifiable for their curved edges and are the most affordable option. Regular metal roofs are recommended for areas with mild weather. Our A-frame roof is certified to withstand winds up to 140mph and is more expensive. The most expensive roof is our steel-reinforced Vertical Roof, which is engineered to withstand 140mph winds and 35psf snow loads. This roof can handle any extreme weather, from Southern hurricanes to Northern blizzards!
  • Gables & Trim – We offer decorative gables (a triangular piece of steel installed beneath the roof) and J-Trim for that polished appearance. If you have questions about reinforcing your installation with foundation anchors, you can call one of our friendly experts. They’ll be happy to discuss the options with you!
  • And so much more!

Benefits of Boat Carports

Why is a boat carport the perfect solution for you? Let’s explore the benefits together:

  • Safety from Weather – As detailed above, boat carports are engineered to withstand stormy weather. Depending on the roof you agree upon with your engineer, a steel building can hold up under snow loads of 35psf and winds of 140 mph. They are fire-resistant, mildew-resistant, and pest-resistant.
  • Omit Risk of Sinking – Your boat is your baby! Keep her hull high and dry. Save yourself the marina fees and give yourself peace of mind that no leaks can threaten your boat.
  • Safety from Blister – Heat, cold, and moisture extremes can destroy the paint on your boat. Keep your sealant from blistering by keeping your boat in a climate-controlled boat carport.
  • Pest and Fire Resistant – Keep the termites at bay and the lightning away! Your boat deserves to be sheltered in style.
  • Highly Durable – The average steel structure is forecast to last for 50 years or more! Don’t be concerned about global warming and extreme weather; invest in a metal building today.

Boat Carport Prices

There is a wide world of metal buildings, but there is only one Get Carports. We take pride in every quality boat carport we provide. Our engineers offer a wide range of dimensions, so finding the custom fit for your boat is easy. Our custom options will affect the final price of your metal boat carport, but our fantastic customer service team will work with you to be sure that your budget and your boat will love the final product! Call Get Carports today at (800) 691-5221! Discover the difference a boat carport can make for you.

Boat Carport Kits

Metal buildings are more durable, more affordable, and more quickly constructed than the outdated stick-built methods. It’s that simple. Are you ready for the DIY project of a lifetime? Then check out the incredible boat carport kits from Get Carports!

Our kits come with everything you need to assemble your own carport, from the panels to the hardware. You don’t need specialized tools to bolt and anchor our steel frames because every piece is prefabricated, and precision cut in our factory.

Even better, kits are discounted over most of our complicated models, and you can still get custom options. The fact is, when time is money, there’s no more brilliant business move than a metal building kit investment.

Get Your Boat Carport from Get Carports

A boat carport is the best investment. You will save time, money, and long-term maintenance costs and keep your boat in pristine condition. Our design team is committed to your satisfaction, and we can’t wait to customize a building to meet your business needs. Call today at (800) 691-5221 and discover how our extraordinary customer service team will make your metal building buying experience a stress-free experience!

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