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Quick & Easy Financing
  • Consumers–Homeowners Only
    Enclosed Portable Storage Sheds
    Loan amounts up to $25,000*
  • Affixed Metal Garages (Bolted to Concrete and Not Removable/Portable)
    Loan amounts up to $50,000 or up to 100,000 case by case.
  • Commercial–Business Use Only
    Metal Structures (Fixed or Portable)
    Loan amounts up to $350,000 or up to $1,000,000 case by case.
  • Affordable payment plans as low as 6.9% and up to 15-year terms.
  • Work with both prime and subprime credit scores (as low as 595)

*You can include the cost of concrete, permits, delivery, installation, and the garage in the total loan amount.

Metal Building Financing

Here at Get Carports, we offer one of the best financial programs available in the metal building industry. Our goal with this program is to make the process of purchasing your ideal metal building faster, easier, and as stress-free as possible. But before you start to apply for this program, there are a few things you should know; there is a credit score requirement, all metal building finance customers must be a homeowner, we require a copy of your state ID card or driver’s license. This is to ensure you are eligible for this type of payment plan.

Financing Benefits

Approval Process
Monthly Payment

How It Works?


The application process for our financing program is the easiest part! With some personal information and a few clicks of a button, you can have your application submitted and ready-to-go! The steps for applying include the following:

  • Submit your application online via the form on our website.
  • Submit your application by phone (800) 691-5221.
  • Applications are also available through our dealers by fax or email.


Once you’ve submitted your application, the next step is to wait for approval. It can take as little as a few minutes to be approved, or as much as a few hours. If you’ve submitted your application before 3:00pm central time, the chances of your approval status coming back the same day are even higher. You will receive the notice by phone or email, followed by a letter in the mail.


Congratulations! You’ve been approved for our metal building financing program! There are a few things we will need in order to finalize the approval, including the following:

  • You will need to review and approve the term sheet (this will be sent to you).
  • The final order will have to be completed with Get Carports.
  • A 10% deposit on the building must be collected (after this step, your order will be official).


  • Payments will be set up for every month.
  • Payments will begin AFTER your building has been installed.
  • The payment amounts are determined based on the amount borrowed, the interest rate, and the loan term.


  • Credit score of at least 595
  • Minimum of 10% down payment
  • Must be a homeowner
  • Copy of driver’s license or state ID
  • Debt to income ratio
  • Verifiable income

We would also like to mention that this steel building financing program can be used for multiple buildings or just “part” of a larger building. Everyone has a unique financial situation, so we made sure to have options for everyone.

Why Choose Get Carports for Metal Building Financing?

We’ve already explained how easy it is to apply and be approved for our steel building finance program, but there’s more. When you choose to partner with Get Carports, you’re choosing a reliable business partner that you can count on even after the initial sale of your building. We put you first, guaranteeing you’ll get exactly what you need, want, and much more. If you would like to know more about this flexible payment plan and our available steel buildings, give us a call today at (800) 691-5221.

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