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Commercial Buildings

Commercial steel buildings are built specifically to accommodate any business, no matter their stage of growth. Whether you’re in need of a new body shop for your mechanic business, office spaces for your company, or a retail store for an expanding clothing brand, our commercial buildings can do it all. These steel structures can be built as wide as 100’ and as long as you wish. Feel free to reach out to our sales department today if you would like to know more about our available commercial buildings and commercial metal building kits. Metal buildings are a great choice if you are looking for a strong, flexible, and affordable structure. These structures are becoming increasingly popular in the USA due to the benefits they offer. Metal buildings can be used for workshops, storage, offices, and greenhouses and are also perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. Get Carports has a wide selection of metal buildings, including garages, barns, carports, sheds, RV carports, and more, for all your storage needs. You can customize your steel building with multiple options according to your requirement. So if you need a reliable structure, Get Carports is your one-stop shop for warehouses, workshops, self-storage, training centers, parking lots, and other buildings. Our experts will help you design and build the perfect metal building to match your specifications and budget. Contact us at (800) 691-5221 to get started.



Learn About the Various Applications for Your Commercial Building

Learn About the Various Applications for Your Commercial Building

As adults, we sometimes forget that we can still have an imagination. And with a little imagination, you can create the perfect commercial metal building for all your storage needs. Due to their versatile designs, these structures can fulfill a variety of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial needs. A few of the day-to-day applications of these rugged buildings include the following:

  • Storage Unit
  • Equipment Storage
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Storage
  • Wedding and Event Venue
  • Airplane Hangar
Commercial Metal Building Prices

Commercial Metal Building Prices

There are several factors that will affect commercial metal building prices, including their size dimensions (width, length, height), added customizations, certification, and install location. Standard prices usually start with a simple-framed structure, going up as you change and customize the unit. But before you start to worry that the final price may be out of your budget, we have two excellent payment options to choose from. If paying for the structure upfront is out of the question for you, consider apply for our rent-to-own or financing program. Both payment plans are quick, easy, stress-free ways of getting the metal building you need at a price you can afford. One of our building specialists will be more than happy to provide more information if desired.

Three Available Roof Styles at Get Carports

Did you know that the roof of your structure is one of its most important aspects? That’s right! Roofs not only complete the structure and provide all your property with reliable protection, but they also add to the overall structural integrity of your unit. We offer three roof styles here at Get Carports, including regular roofs, A-frame horizontal, and vertical.

  • Vertical Roofs – The vertical roofing system is the most durable, reliable, complex style offered in the metal building industry. During the manufacturing process, there are additional framing pieces used for extra protection and vertical paneling to easily channel all precipitation and debris off the structure. While this design is built to withstand all climate types, it is best suited for areas prone to extreme weather conditions.
  • A-frame Horizontal Roofs – Often referred to as boxed-eave, the A-frame horizontal roofs are another excellent roofing option. Due to their box-like design and horizontal paneling, they are recommended for warmer areas that may receive some high winds, but very light precipitation.
  • Regular Roofs – Out of the three roof styles offered here at Get Carports, the regular roof is the most economically built and priced option. Its simple framing and horizontally aligned panels are best for areas that do not typically experience high winds or high precipitation.

Find the Best Collection of Commercial Metal Buildings at Get Carports

Here at Get Carports, we aren’t just about selling you a metal building for money, we’re about helping you find the perfect storage solution to all your needs. Because we use the finest steel available, our structures are installed faster, stay stronger, last longer, and protect your property better than other buildings offered in the industry. If you would like more information about our steel products, prices, and additional services, reach out to us today at (800) 691-5221 and experience the Get Carports way.

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