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2 Car Garages

Compared to our other building styles, fully enclosed steel garages are a far superior storage option. And while there are several types of garages to choose from at Get Carports, our 2 car garages are one of our more popular options. These units have been constructed to safely and comfortably house two vehicles with room to spare. In most cases, there will be two garage doors placed on the front end and one walk-in door placed on one side; however, you can customize the structure to your specifications. If you’ve found a 2 car metal garage that interests you, feel free to contact one of our building representatives in our sales department today.



Benefits of Double Car Garage

Benefits of Double Car Garage

In addition to the durability and versatility of our double car garages, there are several other advantages you stand to gain by investing in one of these structures. And a few of these advantages include the following.

  • Long Lasting
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Little to No Maintenance Required
  • Adaptable
  • And many more!
Get a Garage that Works Well for Your Needs

Get a Garage that Works Well for Your Needs

And now we get to have some fun! One of the most fun parts of purchasing a 2 car garage is being able to customize it to your exact specifications. From the color of your roof, trim, and walls, to the number of doors and windows installed, to the foundation it’s installed on, you can customize every aspect of your structure from the ground up. And the best part is you can do all this with our online 3D Building Configurator from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, the comfort of your own home!

2 Car Garage Prices

2 Car Garage Prices

The style, size (width, length, height), certification, customizations, and install location of your double car metal garage are all important factors when it comes to pricing your structure. And nine times out of ten, when a customer hears these factors, they begin to worry about not being able to afford their 2 car garage. But before you start to worry, you should take both our rent-to-own and financing programs into consideration. These flexible payment plans are two of the easiest, quickest ways to get the metal garage you need for a price you can afford.

Available Roof Styles at Get Carports

Here at Get Carports, we have three available roofing systems to choose from, including the regular, A-frame horizontal, and vertical styles. And whether you realize it or not, the roof of a structure is its most important feature. It keeps your property sheltered for years on end and adds to the overall structural integrity of the unit.

  • Regular Roof (Good) – Out of the three roofing systems offered at Get Carports and throughout the entire metal building industry, the regular roof is the most economically built and priced. Since they are designed and installed with horizontal roofing sheets and signature round edges, we recommend regular roofs to customers who live in areas that typically experience mild to moderate weather conditions.
  • A-frame Horizontal Roof (Better) – A-frame horizontal roofs are also installed with horizontally aligned panels; however, due to its box-like design, it is best suited to warmer areas that sometimes receive high winds, but very light precipitation. The primary advantage to these roofs, which are often known as boxed-eave, is that you can afford to own an A-frame style structure without the cost of a vertical roof.
  • Vertical Roof (Best) – Vertical roofs, which are also the most durable, reliable, and top-selling roofing option, are installed with vertically oriented panels and additional framing pieces. Due to their complex designs, these roof styles are excellent for all climate types; however, we recommend them for areas with harsh weather conditions.

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