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Carport with Storage

Our steel carports here at Get Carports come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re not only durable and versatile, but they’re fully customizable and easy to install. If you’re in need of a place to park your vehicle and store extra junk, one of our carport shed combos are an excellent solution for you. Whether your needs are personal, residential, agricultural, or commercial, we have a solution for everyone.



Applications of a Combo Carport

Due to their generous amount of usable space and their extremely versatile designs, there are a variety of ways you can take advantage of our carport combos. From sheltering your agricultural equipment, to parking areas for businesses, the possibilities are nearly endless. A few additional ways you can use these structures include:

  • Storage Area
  • RV Carport
  • Outdoor Workspace
  • Animal Shelter

Utility Carports

Utility carports are a very popular option for their convenience and versatility. Their unique design allows you to easily park your vehicle under the carport while storing your equipment, tools, household items, and other belongings in the storage utility. Not only will these structures add to your property’s value, but they will provide you with a solution for years to come. If you would like more information, feel free to contact our sales department today.

Single Carport with Storage

If you’re in need of a reliable shelter for your car or truck, one of our single car carports with storage might just be the solution for you. These structures not only provide you with a durable, long-lasting source of coverage, but they also provide you with an enclosed storage unit for all your outdoor equipment and other belongings.

Double Carport with Storage

If you’ve been searching for an affordable way to shelter your vehicles from Mother Nature and store your valuables nearby, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Get Carports, we offer a unique double carport with storage to customers looking to shelter multiple vehicles comfortably while adding space to shelter your personal belongings.

Triple Wide Carport with Storage

Are you looking for a storage solution for your vehicles and other belongings? If so, one of our triple wide metal carports with an added storage unit is the perfect building for you. These unique structures are designed and engineered to store three vehicles side by side comfortably with additional room for storing your lawn equipment, gardening tools, and other pieces of property. You can also use these structures as an outdoor workspace or picnic area.

Customization Options Available for Combo Carports

After you’ve made the decision to invest your hard-earned money into a steel combo carport, you should be able to customize it to suit your exact needs and requirements. Here at Get Carports, we give you full control over the design and layout of your structure. From the color combination of your roof, walls (if you add paneling), and trim, to the roof style that completes the building, you can customize every aspect of your carport. And with our online 3D Building Estimator, you can do all this from your home! This unique tool allows you to design your dream storage solution and see what it would look like once installed.

Carport Combo Kits

Carport Combo Kits

Here at Get Carports, when we say that we have options for everyone, we mean it. In addition to our steel buildings and our carport storage combos, we also offer kits. These kits are a great option for customers who are looking to save money and those who enjoy DIY projects. Once these structures are delivered to your site, the assembly process is your responsibility. Since there are certain risks involved with our carport combo kits, we recommend having a professional assist with the install.

Available Roof Styles at Get Carports

One of the first, and most important, decisions you’ll make during the design process is choosing the roof style of your structure. Not only does the roof of your building protect all its contents from Mother Nature’s brutal forces, but it adds to the overall structural integrity of the unit. There are three available roof styles here at Get Carports, each with their own unique design and advantages.

  • Regular roofs are the most economically built and priced roofing option available in the metal building industry. Most commonly recognized for their signature curved edges and horizontal panels, we recommend this roof design for areas that do not typically experience high winds or heavy precipitation.
  • Often referred to as boxed-eave roofs, the A-frame horizontal style is also installed with horizontal paneling. However, due to its unique design and layout, it’s best suited for warmer areas that may receive some winds, but very light precipitation.
  • The vertical roofing system offered here at Get Carports is the most durable, reliable, and top-selling design we have. Designed and installed with vertical panels and additional framing pieces, we highly-recommend this roof for customers who live in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

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