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Site Preparation

Get You Site Prepared to Welcome Your New Metal Building

Metal Building Site Preparation

Site preparation is a vital part of the installation process. These are the steps you must take in order to properly prepare the site where a steel building will be installed. By following and completing each of these steps, you’re ensuring that the assembly crew can install your structure properly and efficiently. But it’s important to keep in mind that ALL preparations must be completed before the unit can be assembled. And if done poorly or incorrectly, you could increase your lead time and decrease the lifespan of the structure.


  • Check with Your County Regarding Permits and Codes – As the customer, it is your responsibility to check with your local building department in regard to all required permits and building codes. These permits and codes vary based on your location and the weather conditions there. If you do not obtain all required permits or meet all building codes, your building department may ask you to take the structure down and start again.
  • Choose the Right Location – When choosing the location of your structure, it’s important to choose one that offers enough space for the foundation and the unit itself. You should also make sure that the foundation you choose will uphold in the area. For example, if you choose to install on the ground, you do not want to have loose soil.
  • Complete All Groundwork – ALL groundwork preparation must be complete before we can install your structure. This includes clearing your site of all debris, vegetation, and any barriers that could be in the way of the delivery truck or installation crew. Keep in mind, we do not provide groundwork preparation; it is your responsibility.
  • Choose a Proper Foundation – There are several foundation types you can choose from at Get Carports, including concrete, asphalt, ground, and gravel. The foundation best suited for you will depend on your area, the weather conditions there, and the type of structure you invest in.
  • Remove All Barriers and Barricades – If the installation crew arrives with your structure and there are barriers in their way, you could be charged additional labor fees. Or in some cases, they will leave without installing the unit and charge a return fee.


Once you’ve completed all the required groundwork preparation and have your foundation ready, you should contact your building specialist to inform them that you are ready for your structure to be installed. From there, the manufacturer will give you a lead time as to when they can have your unit installed. Shortly before the delivery date, they will give you a reminder call so ensure someone will be on-site.

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