Custom Carports

Do you have a special design in mind for your dream metal carport? If so, keep that unique design in mind because if you can dream it, we can build it. We use only the best galvanized steel framing for all our products, ensuring an endless amount of design possibilities. And with our variety of fully customizable, steel carports and sheds available year-round, we guarantee you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for and more at Get Carports.



Customize Your Carport

Customize Your Carport

Here at Get Carports, it’s important to us that everyone gets the carport of their dreams, no matter how simple or detailed it may be. And with our large collection of customization options, we’re able to give everyone their dream. From a variety of roof styles and colors, to our custom doors and windows, you can choose your preferred features and add a personal touch to your custom carport. The best part of designing your custom carport is that you can do it all at home from the comfort of your couch with our online 3D Building Configurator.

Custom Carport Kits

Custom Carport Kits

With our custom carport kits, you can still get the custom metal carport you need and want for a price you can afford. The difference between our kits and our other building styles is that once you purchase a kit, the assembly process is your responsibility. After designing and purchasing your kit, one of our crews will deliver it to your install site. And since there are some risks involved with the purchase of a custom carport kit, we recommend having assistance during the installation process.

Custom Carport – Sizes & Prices

The price of a product is one of the deciding factors for customers, especially the cash-conscious customer and those restricted by a budget. There are several factors that will affect your overall price though, including your structure’s style, size dimensions, added customization options, certifications, and install location. But before you get discouraged or worried about not being able to afford your dream structure, we have options for everyone. Our flexible rent-to-own and financing options are the easiest, stress-free ways to get the carport you need for a price you can afford. More information can be found on our website, or you can contact our sales department.

One of the first decisions you’ll make when designing your custom steel carport is to choose your ideal size dimensions (width, length, height). We recommend choosing dimensions that will accommodate both your current and your future needs. While it’s possible to order a structure that is too small for your needs, it’s nearly impossible to order one that’s too big!

Available Roof Styles at Get Carports

The roof style of your custom metal carport is its most important feature. From keeping your belongings sheltered for years on end, to adding to the structural integrity of the unit, there are several reasons why choosing the right roof style is important. We offer three roofing systems here at Get Carports, each with their own unique design and set of advantages.

  • Regular Roof Style (Good) – Our regular roofing system is the most economically built and priced option offered in the metal building industry. And due to this advantage, it is a popular option among both our homeowner and agricultural customers. With its horizontal framing and signature curved edges, it’s best suited for areas that experience mild to moderate weather conditions.
  • A-frame Horizontal Roof Style (Better) – Also known as a boxed-eave roof, the A-frame horizontal roofing option is another popular choice. Designed and installed with horizontal panels, this box-like roofing system is suitable for areas that may experience some wind, but very light precipitation.
  • Vertical Roof Style (Best) – As the metal building industry’s most durable, reliable, and popular roof style, the vertical roofing system is an excellent option for all climate types; however, it’s highly recommended for extreme weather conditions.

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