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Metal Carports in Florida

The sunshine state may have a reputation for pristine beaches and great seafood, but it is also home to Florida man and hurricane season. To protect your investments from the unpredictable weather Florida sometimes experiences, buy a metal carport in Florida from Get Carports. These steel FL carports are designed to withstand extreme weather, including high winds.

GOODRegular CarportsRegular Carports


Regular Carports

Regular Carports

Of all the carport styles offered here at Get Carports, our regular style metal carports are the most standard and economical. They are also the most affordable due to their simple infrastructure. But despite what most customers may think about these simple rooflines, they are as sturdy and reliable as the other roof styles available in the metal building industry.

BETTERA-Frame CarportsA-Frame Carports


A-Frame Carports

A-Frame Carports

Due to their box-like design, our A-frame horizontal roof carports are often referred to as boxed eave carports as well. As a slight upgrade from regular carports, this particular design is made to fulfill a variety of purposes without compromising the structural integrity of your unit.

BESTVertical CarportsVertical Carports

Highly Recommended

Vertical Carports

Highly Recommended
Vertical Carports

Of the various carport styles offered here at Get Carports, our vertical roof metal carports are the most durable, reliable, and cost-effective. Whether you’re looking for a new storage unit for your home or an outdoor area for your office building, these steel carports can do it all for years to come.

Top Selling Metal Carports in Florida

18x35x8 Aframe Vertical Side Entry Utility18x35x8 Aframe Vertical Side Entry Utility
RTO & Easy Financing Available

18x35x8 Aframe Vertical Side Entry Utility

Starting Price:$11835*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

20x30x7 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Utility20x30x7 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Utility
RTO & Easy Financing Available

20x30x7 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Utility

Starting Price:$10595*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

20x26x7 Aframe Carport20x26x7 Aframe Carport
RTO Available

20x26x7 Aframe Carport

SKU : GC-20267AC
Starting Price:$4410*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

12x21x8 Aframe Carport12x21x8 Aframe Carport
RTO Available

12x21x8 Aframe Carport

SKU : GC-12218AC
Starting Price:$3675*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

20x21x7 Aframe Side Entry Carport20x21x7 Aframe Side Entry Carport
RTO Available

20x21x7 Aframe Side Entry Carport

SKU : GC-20217ASEC
Starting Price:$5365*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

24x26x8 Aframe Side Entry Carport24x26x8 Aframe Side Entry Carport
RTO Available

24x26x8 Aframe Side Entry Carport

SKU : GC-24268ASEC
Starting Price:$6735*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

18x21x6 Aframe Carport18x21x6 Aframe Carport
RTO Available

18x21x6 Aframe Carport

SKU : GC-18216AC
Starting Price:$2895*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

18x20x7 Aframe Building18x20x7 Aframe Building
RTO & Easy Financing Available

18x20x7 Aframe Building

SKU : GC-18207AB
Starting Price:$6225*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

12x21x7 Regular Style Carport12x21x7 Regular Style Carport
RTO & Easy Financing Available

12x21x7 Regular Style Carport

SKU : GC-12217RSC
Starting Price:$2995*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

18x30x9 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Certified Carport18x30x9 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Certified Carport
RTO & Easy Financing Available

18x30x9 Aframe Vertical Roof Side Entry Certified Carport

Starting Price:$8185*

*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

Investing in a metal carport is a substantial financial commitment that will likely affect you for years to come. That’s why working with the best metal carport dealer in Florida is key. Get Carports provide top-quality steel carports in FL and is the go-to dealer.

The Largest Metal Building Dealer – Thanks to its experience, Get Carports can provide the best quality, customer service, and prices in the country.

Online Ordering – Quickly and easily browse through metal building types, customization options, and other resources before ordering.

Manufacturer-Direct Prices – Experience fantastic quality at affordable prices thanks to factory-direct FL metal building pricing from Get Carports.

Best Lead Times – Receive free delivery and installation in only four to six weeks in Florida when you buy from Get Carports.

Customer Service – Commitment to the customer by Get Carports goes above and beyond, resulting in the best Florida customer service in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction from Start to Finish

Beginning with Nikki in the Direct Sales Dept. to the crew who arrived at the crack of dawn to get the job done...Thank you for the excellent service. Very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of everyone we dealt with in this company....

GuyNew Mexico
Great job

The crew arrived to put up the new carport. We purchased a single carport for us to sit under in the summer. It was put up in about 45 minutes. I had not noticed the area was not that level. The guys leveled it and anchored it down. It looks great...

LeeNew Mexico
Two Thumbs Up!!!

These Guys knew whats up, they were an excellent crew, they treated my property, home, neighbors, and metal building with respect and care. Group leader was named Junior, they were very friendly and knew English fairly well. I am extremely satisfi...

Jared TrahanLouisiana

Applications for Florida Steel Carports

No matter what you intend to do with your prefab steel carport, it’s sure to exceed your expectations. Some of the most popular applications in Florida are highlighted below, but your building can be used for just about anything!

  • Vehicle Storage
    Protect your car, truck, or other vehicles from the elements with a FL metal carport.
  • Boat Storage
    Water recreation is a blast, but when your boat is on dry land, it needs to be properly stored and maintained. A steel carport can help you do just that.
  • Seasonal Equipment
    From skis to lawnmowers, chances are you don’t use all of your belongings year-round. A prefab metal carport gives you the perfect seasonal storage space.
  • Workshop
    Give yourself a sheltered area to enjoy your hobby, grow your small business, or expand your skillset with a Florida metal carport.
  • Social Area
    Rain or shine, a metal carport gives you a great place to gather with friends and family.

Metal Carport Kits for Sale in Florida

Are you a proud DIYer? Do you have experience in construction? You may be interested in our premium FL carport kits! These Florida metal building kits are a fantastic way to prove your handyman skills while saving a little money in the process. These kits come with everything you'd find in our standard steel buildings, except you install it yourself! We offer discounts for foregoing professional installation, and you get to take pride in completing your carport or metal building yourself.

These metal carport kits are just as sturdy, durable, and reliable as the standard metal carports we have for sale and a great way of avoiding the hassle of scheduling installation. You can now complete your building on your own time! If you possess that do-it-yourself spirit and want to put your abilities to the test, there's no better way than by purchasing one of our steel building kits. Don't delay! Metal building prices are on the rise! Locking in your new metal building now will save you time, money, and headaches!

Customizations for Your FL Metal Carport

Make your steel carport perfect for you and your needs by customizing it. Get Carports works with you to ensure your vision reaches fruition.

  • Roof Styles
    • Regular Roof – Affordable and effective, regular roofs are ideal for mild climates.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Take a regular roof and upgrade its framing and bracing. The result is an A-frame horizontal roof, a fantastic blend of affordability and strength.
    • Vertical Roof – When strength is paramount, a vertical roof is the best option.
  • Size Customize the dimensions of your carport or choose from several standard sizes.
  • Steel Gauges Choose the thickness you want for your metal carport’s framing, wall panels, and roof panels to dictate strength.
  • Gables Add some flair and functionality to your carport with optional gables.
  • Certification To ensure local standards are meet or to give your carport exceptional strength, opt for certification.
  • Anchors Choose the right anchor type for your building location.
  • Colors Get Carports offers many colors, allowing you to choose your favorite or match your favorite Florida football team’s colors.
  • 3D Estimator Online 3D estimator tool by Get Carports allows you to see your customizations in real-time.

Certified and Non-Certified FL Steel Carports

Most areas have specific standards that buildings must meet or exceed in order to be legally installed and used. These regulations typically refer primarily to strength.

When you buy a certified metal carport from Get Carports, it is sure to meet or exceed all local and Florida requirements while providing you with unprecedented peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you have the strongest metal building possible.

Consider These Things Before Installing Your Florida Metal Carport

Before investing in a metal carport, take a moment to think about and research the following integral considerations.

  • Building Permits – Applying for and securing the building permits required by your local authorities can save you a lot of hassle!
  • Site Preparation – Prepare your site properly before your building is delivered and installed to ensure everything goes smoothly.

FL Metal Carport Costs

The price of your metal carport will depend on the specifics of your situation. Some factors to consider are the size of the building, the customizations you make to it, where it will be located, and more. Get Carports guarantees the best steel carport prices in Florida.

Financing Options in Florida

When you’re ready to buy your prefab metal carport, it’s important to get the features you want and will use for years to come. That’s why Get Carports offers both a traditional financing option and a rent-to-own program. Both feature a quick and easy application and approval process and generous terms. Call Get Carports on (800) 691-5221 for more information!

The Best Steel Carport Dealer in FL

Get Carports provides the best-quality steel carports, the most reliable information, and the most comprehensive customer service in the industry. If you are on the market for a metal carport, the go-to dealer is Get Carports. If you live in Florida, call today on (800) 691-5221 to speak to a metal building expert!

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