Located in the western region of the United States, Montana received its name from the Spanish word “mountain” due to its unique terrain. The Big Sky Country contains a massive collection of mountain ranges, totaling at seventy-seven named mounts within the state lines. While Montana has been rated fourth in the country for its extensive land mass, it is ranked as the seventh least populous state and third most dense population.


Millions of tourists from all around the world visit this beautiful state every year, traveling great distances to see Yellowstone National Park, Custer’s last stance at the Little Bighorn National Monument, and the outstanding Glacier National Park. Its grand landscape is also lined with rivers that run throughout the entire land, not only providing a serene atmosphere to its natives and visitors, but also world-famous trout. One of the few locations in the world to do so, these rivers form parts of three watersheds, feeding into the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Hudson Bay.

Also among Montana’s natural beauty is a large collection of massive trees, compromising twenty-five percent of the state’s land. It is also home to a variety of plants and flowers, more than 110 mammals, over 400 birds, and the largest population of grizzly bears in the nation. Summer temperatures here reach up to 90 degrees, dropping down to an average of 20 degrees during the cold winter months. This fluctuating climate creates a range of snow, wind, rainfall, heat, and other elements that can ultimately cause severe damage to vehicles when left exposed for long periods of time.

Montana metal carports and other steel buildings are perfect for protecting a variety of vehicles and outdoor equipment from its windy climate and seasonal inclement weather conditions. They can also be used as a shelter for livestock, outdoor work areas, storage units, and covered shelters for family gatherings. These Montana carports have the ability to contribute to Montana’s quality of life in a number of ways, including residential, agricultural, and commercial industries.

It has been said that when visiting Montana, you can drive for miles on end without encountering another person or business. And while you may enjoy the beautiful scenery, it also makes our Montana steel carports and other buildings all the more valuable for storing your vehicles, equipment, and other personal property. These units are an affordable, virtually maintenance free, durable solution to most any need you may have. Contact us today at (800) 691-5221 to learn more about these versatile steel structures and their many advantages.

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