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Why You Need a Big Garage Kit in California

Why You Need a Big Garage Kit in California

The love affair between California and cars is as American as the Beach Boys. Films and songs have glamorized a culture of the open road, drive-ins, and sunset drives. Who hasn’t envisioned a trip up the California coast in a flashy sports car?

Unfortunately, the reality of commuter life in California is much different. With more than 30 million registered vehicles in the state, it’s little wonder that the modern images from the Golden State show daily traffic jams and polluted, congested interstates. Political attempts to tax private ownership and promote public ride-sharing have barely begun to alleviate the crisis. Finding modern solutions for American car owners is essential!

Why You Should Buy a Bigger CA Garage Kit

An American garage is more than a vehicle shelter. Your garage could be the beginning of something incredible. The humble California garage has been the birthplace of everything from technology icons to rock music legends! When you purchase your garage kit, consider investing in a size that gives you the space to grow and pursue your passions.

Top Benefits of Having a Bigger Garage in California

  • Proper Protection for Your Vehicles – Your vehicles are one of the most significant investments in your financial lifetime. Ensure that they are protected from weather and vandals with the durable, non-corrosive coverage of galvanized steel! Metal buildings are uniquely suited to withstand extreme weather events, such as earthquakes and wildfires. Steel is fire-resistant and ductile, allowing it to bend and absorb extreme pressures. Your vehicles will be safe within a metal garage!
  • Functionality – Give yourself the space to maneuver easily in your garage, without tripping over sports equipment whenever you unload the groceries. Create an area just for your tools and designate space for the bikes. Purchasing a larger garage kit will increase the flexible, versatile space in which you can live your life!
  • The Advantage of Added Storage – Are you tired of finding your crafts, art supplies, collections, and memorabilia scattered in closets throughout the house? It’s time to dedicate proper storage to your treasures and projects. Invest in a larger garage, so you have space to work on what you love!
  • Increased Property Value or Better Resale Value – Assessors, insurance companies, and realtors love metal buildings! Steel structures are forecast to last for 50 years or more and are rated more highly than wooden structures for their safety and durability. Your property value will increase significantly when you invest in a large garage kit.

Choosing a Size for Your CA Metal Garage

Finding the perfect dimensions for your California garage is simple! Consider the popular examples listed below. These are engineered to accommodate the needs of most American households. We’re sure you’ll find one to love!

  • The Ideal Garage – What do you consider your “ideal”? For every owner, that size will appear differently. However, our engineers always suggest padding your dimensions. You’ll find that having a little wiggle room is always better than discovering you didn’t get enough! Our designers are eager to go over plans with you to show how steel structures are 40% cheaper per square foot than traditional wood buildings. The larger you build, the lower the price per square foot goes!
  • The Two-Car Garage – Most prospective buyers in the modern market are hunting for a two-car garage. Whether you plan to park both cars inside, or you need space for one vehicle and extended storage, this model will flexibly accommodate you. Keep ATVs, tools, and other valuables within the sturdy interior of a steel garage!
  • The Average Garage – The average garage is between 22 and 24 square. It’s built to cover a single car, with space on the sides for storage and maneuverability. You may have a beloved sports car, a classic roadster, or a project car that needs a home of its own. The average garage is a perfect addition to your property, adding value and space.

Using a Larger Garage in California Effectively

Have you considered the limitless possibilities of your big California garage? Metal structures are energy efficient and easily climate-controlled with the installation of a little insulation. Your new metal garage kit gives you the flexibility to create a home office or a personal gym. You may build a dream workbench or designate space for an art studio. Launch your own autobody shop or host a garage band jam session!

What about your large garage’s appearance? The modern metal structure is more than a steel box. Custom options and the assistance of building designers will empower you to be your own architect! Do you want French doors at the back of your garage? An additional overhead door for drive-thru access? Paint, trim, veneer, and more are available to you. Style your garage to match your favorite car or complement your existing structures.

However you choose to use your garage, don’t be limited by the clutter and assumptions of the past. Choose a spacious garage kit in CA and embrace all the possibilities!

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