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Why Two Car Metal Garages With Lean-tos Are the Smart Choice

Why Two Car Metal Garages With Lean-tos Are the Smart Choice

As time goes on, nearly every family in the country owns an automobile. The 21st century has taken this one step further, in that it is now quite common for families to have two or more cars. With so many automobiles in the world today, the question remains: how can you keep your vehicles safe? The answer to that question for 63% of United States homeowners is simple: garages. If you want more security, consider metal garages.

Metal garages offer protection from the elements, as well as from theft, that traditional wooden garages cannot. If you are not interested in a three-car garage, consider investing in a two-car garage with a lean-to. The structure of a lean-to is quite simple. It is simply a roof that extends past an existing wall or a roof that joins the garage in the middle of a wall. This design creates a canopy over your vehicle to protect it from the sun, rain, snow, and hail.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Two Car Metal Garage With Lean-to

The primary reason for investing in a two-car metal garage with a lean-to is obvious. The lean-to provides the space to store an additional car. However, a lean-to has many uses for businesses and homeowners alike, beyond serving as a simple parking space.

  • Storage Shed

You can easily use a lean-to in conjunction with storage shelves or cabinets to create a storage shed. The metal roof alone affords excellent protection from the weather, with options to add walls for maximum protection at a later time.

  • Playhouse

Placing a child’s playhouse beneath a lean-to can allow children to play at any time they want, rain or shine! This is an excellent option for those who wish to park beneath the lean-to. You can simply move the playhouse at the end of the day.

  • Art Studio

Many artists love to work on their art in the open air. A lean-to attachment will give you that open-air feeling, with similar protection from the weather you would experience if working indoors.

metal building

  • Office Space

If you lack the space in the house for a home office, consider a lean-to structure with the option to add metal walls! If you are in a hospitable climate, you may even enjoy forgoing the walls and enjoying nature throughout your workday.

  • Workshop

The open space and shelter of a lean-to provide the perfect space to set up a workshop. Nothing beats being hard at work while being cooled off by a gentle breeze.

  • Personal Gym

Many outdoor gyms have popularized the fresh air feeling while working on self-improvement. Take advantage of a lean-to structure by utilizing the space as your own personal gym.

  • Man-Cave/She-Shed

For those that crave a personal space to relax and enjoy their hobbies, a lean-to can make an excellent man-cave or she-shed! Enjoy an area that is truly yours while being protected from the sun and rain.

  • Outdoor Shower for a Pool House

Lean-tos are a popular choice for outdoor showers. Pool houses around the world implement metal stalls with the overhead shelter provided by a lean-to. Enhance your location with an outdoor shower.

  • Greenhouse

Plants thrive on sunlight, fresh air, and good soil. A lean-to easily provides excellent access to sunlight for your plants, depending on the time of day and orientation. Consider purchasing a lean-to and setting up a greenhouse for your plants.

  • Café/Coffee Shop

If you take a look around, most coffee shops have indoor and outdoor seating or strictly outdoor seating. Therefore, a lean-to can be an excellent investment to allow patrons to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying a cup of their favorite coffee beverage.

  • Party/Entertainment Space

Any good house party has outdoor seating available for guests. However, many times, the rain can force these parties inside. Consider using your lean-to as a space for outdoor seating and partying when not serving as a carport!

  • Concession Stand

Concession stands are perhaps one of the most well-known structures that use lean-tos, aside from carports. Whether it’s a stadium or a small stand at a local ballpark, every good concession stand offers protection from the elements. Therefore, this is an excellent use for a lean-to!

The Choice is Yours

As you see, a lean-to has many, many uses. However, when it comes to ways you can use a lean-to, we have only mentioned a few. In fact, the reality is that the sky is the limit! Lean-tos are cost-effective, structurally sound, eco-friendly, and incredibly versatile!

Most Popular Dimensions of Two Car Garages With Lean-tos

The available sizes of two-car garages with lean-tos vary almost as much as the uses of lean-tos themselves! Below are some of the most popular dimensions that we supply to our customers.

  • 24 x 30 Metal Garage With Lean-to

Our two-car metal garage doesn’t cut corners like some ‘two-car garages’ out there. We understand that plenty of space is required to move around and work after both vehicles have been parked. This particular unit can house both vehicles, and leaves plenty of room to move around too!

  • 38 x 25 Metal Shop With Lean-to

As a supplier of metal buildings, we understand the need for a structurally sound, safe place to work. Our metal shop with lean-to provides that and also an additional covered space outside with the attached lean-to!

  • 24W x 31L x 12H Lean-to Garage

This spacious metal garage with a lean-to offers plenty of enclosed parking and room to fulfill various other storage and work requirements. In addition, the high ceiling allows for taller shelves and larger pieces of equipment to easily fit inside!

side entry building

  • 24W x 25L x 10H Lean-to Garage

While slightly shorter and smaller than the metal garage above, this lean-to garage makes a great option for personal use or small business needs. Additionally, it offers the same steel building protection and boasts a lower cost!

  • 30 x 30 Lean-to Garage

This particular steel garage is a sturdy, customizable building with ample room for storage. You can use it to store work or recreational equipment and much more. Many customers utilize the abundant space to add a large storage closet or even a home office!

Customizable Kits for Two Car Garages With Lean-to

Our DIY two-car garage with lean-to kit is very user-friendly and allows you to build your garage and lean-to space to fit your exact needs. The assembly is simple, and this is a cost-effective alternative to have a metal garage built by a contractor. Additionally, this allows you to control the pace of construction!

Our kits contain all of the parts necessary to build your two-car garage with lean-to, including the steel framing, roofing panels, wall panels, anchors, fastening hardware, and various customization features. Customizations vary, giving you many size choices, roof and wall colors, roof style, and window/door add-ons.

Get Carports is the Best Solution for Your Two Car Metal Garage With Lean-to Needs!

The need for a metal garage is evident to even the average consumer. Metal garages offer the best protection for your vehicles, which are often among the most significant investments of your life! For the many people with multiple automobiles, or even those who need extra protected space, two-car metal garages with lean-tos are the smart choice!

Once you realize the need you have for a two-car garage, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Instead, buy from Get Carports, the best dealer of metal buildings and garages in the United States. We offer customizable two-car garages at unbeatable prices and have a team of experts who are happily ready to assist you every step of the way.

You will feel right at home with our excellent customer service, easy online ordering, and incredible financing options. So don’t wait; contact us at (800) 691-5221 and get started today!

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