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Why Metal Barns Are the Safest Option for Farmers

Why Metal Barns Are the Safest Option for Farmers

Running a farm is a tough job! It requires hard work, expensive equipment, and the proper infrastructure to handle it all. As a result, growers across the nation have used barns for their agricultural operations for years. And though in previous generations, these structures were likely constructed from wood, many farmers now choose metal barns for sheltering livestock, protecting large equipment, and housing food supplies.

The popularity of metal farm buildings can be primarily attributed to their strength and durability. Farmers across the US trust them to keep their animals and equipment safe. And since many farms are in regions with volatile climates and seasonal weather patterns, the right kind of building is essential.
The effectiveness of steel technology has indeed made huge strides in recent decades. These buildings provide superior strength and can be customized for a wide range of styles and configurations.

Below, we’ll explore these incredible buildings and how they’ve become one of the safest options for farmers in the US, including how they can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions without missing a beat.

Why Metal Barns Are a Safer Alternative to Traditional Agricultural Buildings

In days past, wooden construction was the go-to option for any ranch or farm. Lumber was easily sourced, affordable, and could be utilized for various purposes. As such, stick-built buildings have been the norm for the better part of a century. However, thanks to innovations and modern engineering techniques, this has changed. Here’s why:

1. Pest Resistance

For many farmers, managing pests is a challenge. Pesky critters of all shapes and sizes regularly inhabit farm buildings, damaging structures and ruining food supplies. Luckily, steel buildings are naturally resistant to pests. Steel provides no natural source of food or bedding! As such, you won’t have to worry about rodents, termites, or insects setting up shop in a metal barn building.

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

As we’ve mentioned, violent weather events can cause tons of damage to homes, equipment, and valuables. Luckily, metal barns undergo a certification process that ensures they can withstand the wind, snow, and seismic forces generated in a given region. So, no matter where you call home, you can rest easy knowing your agricultural building is prepared to handle the weather!

3. Prevent Animal Intruders

Whether it’s coyotes or wolves, protecting livestock from predators is a very real aspect of running a successful farm. Metal buildings are up to this challenge, providing you with the security and strength you need to keep your animals safe.

4. Fire Resistance

Unlike stick-built barns that are highly susceptible to fire damage, metal barn buildings can resist temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. And while no structure is genuinely fireproof, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a safe option than steel regarding fire safety.

5. Affordability

In recent years, lumber prices have risen to extreme highs, making most traditional construction projects prohibitively expensive. But not steel! Metal barns are a fantastic, affordable option that saves farmers tons of money throughout ownership.

6. Versatility and Customizability

Wooden buildings are often constrained when it comes to customization. Unless the architect has made the customization, you’ll find it challenging and costly to make changes. This is not the case with metal barns, however. Prefab steel structures are some of the most customizable construction options available, giving owners complete control over every aspect of their building.

This is a significant contributor to metal building’s versatility. Since they can be configured in any way, they can be designed to suit any application, from residential storage buildings to commercial structures and beyond.

7. Durability

Again, you’ll find it quite challenging to find a more durable material than steel. Galvanized steel is naturally resistant to water penetration, oxidation, and mold, allowing it to go for years with minimal maintenance or repair.

A-Frame Barn

The Wide Range of Uses for Metal Barns

Thanks to their flexibility, metal barns have taken on a wide range of duties on the farm. Gone are the days of these buildings simply housing horses. Modern metal barns are regularly used for:

1. Feed, Hay, and Crop Storage

Food supplies and crop storage are crucial to running a successful farm. Mold, pests, and rodents can wreak havoc on food supplies if left unattended. Luckily, steel structures are naturally resistant to these hazards, ensuring that your feed, hay, and crops remain safe and fresh.

2. Horse Barns

Whether you’re a farmer or equine enthusiast, you already know that stabling your horses is one of the most expensive aspects of the trade. At least, until now! Metal horse barns are cost-effective, long-lasting, and provide you with the adaptability and rugged strength to keep them safe year-round.

3. Farm Equipment Storage

Every farmer understands that having the right equipment is essential for any successful grow operation. Unfortunately, elemental hazards such as UV light, rain, and snow can cause significant damage to combines, tractors, and plows. But, with a metal farm building, these critical pieces of equipment remain in pristine condition until needed.

4. Horse Shelters and Loafing Sheds

Animals need comfort, too! And there are few better ways of giving your horses and livestock comfort than providing them with a sheltered place to rest. Metal horse shelters and loafing sheds are the perfect way to keep your animals sheltered from the wind and cold during the winter and the hot sun during the summer months.

5. Cold Storage

Some farm operations, such as dairy production facilities, need specialized storage buildings to keep their products fresh until they can reach the market. And metal agriculture buildings are a great, cost-effective way of doing that! These buildings can be customized for cold storage capabilities, giving you a safe, effective way to store vegetables, fruit, dairy, and meat products.

6. Riding Facilities

Some buildings, such as those built with clear span engineering, can be designed at enormous sizes with no need for internal support columns. This makes them an effective choice for large-scale riding arenas and training facilities!

7. Farmhouses

Metal barns aren’t just for the farm anymore! With insulation, drywall, electricity, and plumbing, these modifiable structures make wonderful farmhouses, guest quarters, and mother-in-law suites!

How Metal Barns Better Resist Their Environment

If you’ve searched “metal barn for sale” in Google, you already know that metal barns are some of the strongest construction options on the market. But why is that, exactly? Much of it comes down to steel’s natural flexibility when met with external forces. Where a wooden frame may crack and break, a steel building will simply bend.

This same strength and flexibility is why engineers worldwide choose steel for large buildings, bridges, ships, and more.

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