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Vital Things to Know About Metal Building Foundations

Vital Things to Know About Metal Building Foundations

When it comes to any construction project, proper planning is the key to achieving long-lasting results. And when it comes to prefab metal buildings, one of the most critical parts of the planning process involves choosing the right foundation type.

An adequately laid foundation guarantees that your structure stands strong and true for decades. But that doesn’t happen without several factors and crucial components.
Below, we’ll dive deeper into foundations, available types, and tips for properly installing yours!

Types of Metal Building Foundations

In modern steel construction, several foundation types are used. These foundations vary in terms of cost and capabilities and include such types as:

1. Ground Foundation

In most cases, ground foundations are used for storage buildings, carports, and some agricultural buildings. They’re a great, cost-effective choice for smaller structures, but you’ll need a stronger foundation type for more oversized metal garages or steel structures.

2. Gravel Foundation

A step up from a simple ground foundation, gravel is popular for residential projects such as equipment sheds, carports, and various rural projects. Gravel foundations provide a layer of protection over dirt foundations that are prone to washout and erosion.

3. Asphalt Foundation

Asphalt foundations are often used for driveway carports, metal garages, and other residential steel structures. Asphalt is stronger than soil or gravel foundations and will last far longer than any foundation type other than concrete.

4. Concrete Foundation

The strongest foundation option, and the go-to choice for many larger garages, commercial buildings, and industrial structures, concrete slabs are known for their strength and longevity. If you choose a larger structure, like our 30×40 metal buildings, you’ll most likely want to select a concrete pad foundation for the best results.

Vital Things to Know About Metal Building

Tips for Pouring Metal Building Foundations

So, you’ve chosen a concrete pad foundation. That’s fantastic! These foundations offer years of heavy-duty service with minimal hassle. However, before you begin laying your foundation, there are several things you’ll need to know.

1. Level Your Build Site

One of the most crucial aspects of laying a foundation correctly is ensuring it’s completely level. This will require professional grading equipment and a background in construction at a minimum. And you’ll want to get it right because a mistake here can cause major structural issues during the construction phase. Most buyers will work with third-party contractors to handle this part of the project.

2. Choose the Right Dirt

If you have poor soil conditions that can’t handle a steel building, you’ll likely want to purchase and pour higher-quality dirt to ensure your facility does not sink or shift after installation.

3. Frost

It’s a good rule of thumb to lay your concrete foundation in warmer seasons, as concrete cures better in conditions between 45° and 90° Fahrenheit. Frost can also cause concrete to crack during the curing process, potentially reducing its effectiveness by half.

You’ll also want to ensure that your concrete pad is laid deep enough that it rests beyond the frost line, a figurative depth in the soil beyond the effects of deep frost.

4. Curing Time

You’ll also want to ensure that your concrete foundation has had ample time to fully cure before beginning the installation process. Uncured concrete can contain trace amounts of water and, when met with steel support columns, can result in oxidation and damage to your building’s frame.

5. Amount of Concrete

In most cases, concrete is measured and purchased by the cubic yard. A concrete engineer can determine how much concrete you’ll need for your foundation based on projected building weight, soil quality, and the type of equipment you plan to store.

6. Chemical Accelerators

Certain additives can be added to concrete slabs to shorten curing time, but you’ll want to be wary of accelerators that use calcium chloride, which is known to be corrosive to steel components.

7. Concrete and Cement

Believe it or not, concrete and cement aren’t the same things. Cement is actually the material that binds sand, gravel, and water to make concrete.

8. Temperatures

Concrete takes longer to cure in colder temperatures. In most cases, you’ll need to wait a minimum of three days for concrete to cure fully, but when the temperatures drop, this time may be increased by several days.

Why Steel Building Foundations Require Precision

When it comes to prefab metal buildings, precision is necessary. Sloppy or unfinished concrete foundations can be a massive detriment to the safety and stability of your structure. Here’s why:

1. Framing Precision

Since the components of a metal building are engineered in a controlled facility, they are planned down to the exact measurements. Swaying from those measurements can cause disastrous results with the framing and support columns.

2. Foundation Precision

A precisely measured and poured concrete slab is the key to owning a sturdy, trustworthy building. With crisp corners and a thick enough pad to support the building’s weight, your structure can handle just about anything.

3. Contractors

In most cases, hiring a third-party contractor to prep your concrete slab is invaluable. It might be a more significant investment than completing the project yourself, but you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that everything is built correctly, safely, and to code.

4. Permits

Most localities will require you to obtain a permanent building permit before beginning construction on your structure. Failure to secure this permit can result in significant fines and penalties.

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