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Understanding the Cost of Metal Buildings Per Square Foot

Understanding the Cost of Metal Buildings Per Square Foot

The vast majority of customers that come to us wanting new steel buildings to ask us what they can expect the final metal building cost to be per square foot. In reality, there is no simple answer to this question as it varies from build to build depending on the following:

  • The complexity of the design
  • What accessories you choose
  • The structural load amounts
  • The overall size of the building
  • And much more!

The good news is that metal building prices are not difficult to calculate, but you will need help from a team of experts that really understand what they are talking about. Failing to get professional advice on steel building prices can result in minor miscalculations that end up becoming major problems by the time you are finished. Find out more about how we work out a steel building cost and the factors that are included with the information we have shared below.

The Main Factors That Influence Metal Building Prices

If you are keen to understand exactly what influences the metal building cost, then we have a list of the main considerations that are relevant to each building we provide. These factors include:

  • Understanding What You Need – one of the biggest drains on a steel building cost is when a customer is not decisive about what they need. From the initial designs to the finished item, the more changes you make along the way, the more expensive the price will get. To avoid paying over the odds, you should always take the time to work out exactly what you want before you proceed to have it planned, that way, you will save yourself cash as it will be simple to achieve. If you are not sure what you need, take up the free planning services offered by Get Carports so that you can create a design that works for you!
  • Understand the Steel Market – when it comes to steel building prices, one of the biggest factors that influence the final cost is the current price of steel. Steel prices fluctuate throughout the year, and the more demand there is for steel, the more expensive the final result will be. To get the best deal, it is worth waiting for a slump in steel purchases so that you can access materials that are ready to go and will come with the best possible price tag. At Get Carports, we will work with you to combine your need for a new building with waiting for the best possible market prices.
  • Getting the Right Sized Building – as steel buildings are priced per square foot, choosing the right size for your needs is an essential consideration when you are working to a budget. Rather than choosing something too large for your needs or something small that will need to be extended, take the time to really consider what you need to include in your new steel building to get your needs met, and then you can be certain that every dollar you pay has been worth it!
  • Choosing Accessories & Customizations – one of the main reasons that consumers love steel buildings is because you can add accessories and customize the building to suit your individual taste as well as your budget. To keep the cost down, make sure that you don’t opt for anything you don’t need and make sure that you pick accessories and customizations that will last to help ensure that your ongoing maintenance costs are kept low too!
  • Location Requirements – from where you are located for delivery costs to the area of land you have chosen for your building, location really matters. To save cash, it makes sense to keep everything near to utility hookups so that you don’t need to pay more to get them installed. It is also important to make sure that the place you are going to build on is accessible for the crew to get to so that installation time is kept to a minimum, enabling you to get the best value from your building.
  • Insulation Requirements – Choosing to insulate your new metal building may be a cost you think you can avoid to reduce the total price. However, this is not an area that you should try to save money on, as a poorly insulated building will cost a lot more to run. Work with your building designer to choose the best insulation that you can afford, and you can look forward to lower bills as well as a warm building in the winter and a cool building in the summer!
  • Other Factors to Consider – Finally, you will need to remember that there are other costs included in the installation of a metal building, aside from the building itself. You will need to arrange to have a foundation installed that is properly leveled and ready to use as well as the labor costs that will be incurred from preparing and leveling the site in the first place. It may be tempting to try and save money in this area but remember that to get the best possible build, you will need to have excellent foundations to work with.

Getting the Best Price for Your New Metal Buildings

Now you understand how metal buildings are costed, it’s time to find the best seller for your needs. At Get Carports, not only do we offer affordable prices, but we are proud to offer the best lead times and the best customer service too! Our team is well informed and understands how to get you the building you want with free delivery and installation. We even offer a simple online ordering option and ensure that you get the best prices around as we work directly with the manufacturers.

As the largest metal building dealer in the US, you can be sure that not only will you get the best customer service, you will also get the best steel buildings too! Call us today at (800) 691-5221 to get a quote – you’re sure to be impressed!

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