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Types of Metal Building Insulation: Prodex Total vs. Fiberglass, Spray Foam, and Bubble Insulation

Types of Metal Building Insulation: Prodex Total vs. Fiberglass, Spray Foam, and Bubble Insulation

You decided to get a metal building for your tools, bikes, and other valuables — one of the best choices you ever made! Ordering a prefabricated metal building is a great investment. However, before you start dreaming of space for four-wheelers or room for your car projects, you need to determine the basics of your structure. Things like size, roof type, and insulation are all flexible; that way, you can order the perfect metal building for your budget and needs.

Insulation is a must for your metal building. Why? It provides the proper weather resistance from the elements by stabilizing the temperature and preventing moisture from entering the space. Without insulation, the structure cannot retain any heat in the winter.

However, what kind of insulation should you put in a metal building? To find out, keep on reading!

Why Is Insulation Material Important for Metal Buildings?

Insulation will allow your metal structure to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. It creates a barrier that prevents condensation. Seeing droplets of condensation is a primary indication that there is something wrong and your living space is not receiving proper ventilation. During condensation, damp air transforms into a liquid. This action occurs when air with a high humidity level comes into contact with the steel building’s cool area. The damage incurred from improper insulation could cost you a lot of money in energy costs and repairs. You need insulation material for your metal building to prevent weather damage. Go ahead and get the insulation to protect your investment.


Do You Understand the R-Value of Insulation?

Discovering the best-suited insulation requires some reflection on the steel building style and its intended purpose. You can determine the best insulating material for your metal structure after checking the insulation’s R-value. The R-Value is responsible for the overall thermal resistance level and how well the building’s insulation is working. A higher value of R-value is optimal for thermal resistance. In other words, the higher number the R-value of insulation, the better. Once you have that information, you can choose the insulation type to use as a vapor barrier.


What Types of Insulation Is Available for Metal Buildings?

Once you have determined that your steel building needs insulation, you would need to choose the type that best suits your structure. You should take into consideration the climate and how your temperature swings.

There are several different types of insulation available for metal buildings, including the following:

  • Fiberglass: This option is one of the least expensive and most popular. The R-value of fiberglass insulation is around 3.1 to 4.3. Fiberglass is also known for offering a vapor barrier. Because it is made of soft batting, fiberglass can attract pests, such as nesting bugs, rodents, and birds.
  • Spray Foam Insulation: This choice is similar to loose-fill as it comes as a liquid with a foaming agent and polymer, such as polyurethane. This insulation type is sprayed into metal building walls, floors, and ceilings, where it then expands to cover the available space. After that, it hardens into a solid cellular plastic. Spray foam can fill in the nooks and crannies to create an airtight structure. It is especially ideal for buildings that have obstructions. This process can get pretty pricey, especially considering the other options. The R-value of spray foam insulation ranges from 3.5 to 6.5, depending on open-cell or close cell techniques.
  • Bubble Insulation: This type of insulation is designed to increase your metal building’s strength and puncture resistance. It creates a vapor barrier with encapsulated air bubbles in between reflective surfaces. That keeps out the summer heat and holds in the warmth in winter while minimizing the moisture condensation. However, the R-value of bubble insulation is very low compared to other options; it ranges from 1.3 to 1.6, which means it offers the least amount of protection.
  • Prodex Total Insulation: This method utilizes a space-age technology to create a multi-layer reflective insulation product. The fantastic thing about this insulation product is that it reflects radiant or infrared energy from the sun. The rays do not get inside your metal building; instead, they are redirected to the inside, keeping your building warm.

Furthermore, Prodex Total is a closed-cell polyethylene foam with a 5mm thickness. The R-value of Prodex Total insulation is 16. Yes, you read that correctly. While the other types bounce around from a value of 1 or 2, maybe 5 or 6, this insulation has the best quality with the highest R-value.

Why Is Prodex Total the Best Type of Insulation?

The insulation you need to use is the one with a high R-value that can be unaffected by water or the area’s humidity. You might also find it essential to be environmentally-friendly and safe. Prodex Total can check all of your boxes. Check out the reasons why Prodex Total is the best type of insulation for your metal building.

  • Prodex prevents condensation: Prodex Total has been proven to be most effective at keeping out moisture and other precipitations. It eliminates moisture from the sheathing by making the inside’s temperature approximately the same as it is outside. The inside layer of reinforced foil prevents the inside controlled air from getting to the sheathing.
  • Prodex eliminates heat transfer: Studies show that 97 percent of radiant energy is reflective in Prodex products. The rays are a primary source of heat flow, and each unit of its energy that is reflected away during the summer is then reflected during the winter. Using your utilities less often could be lower energy bills and less wear and tear on your equipment since the air conditioning and furnace is not running as often to regulate the temperatures.
  • Prodex retains airflow: In addition to securing the temperature inside, the Prodex insulation specializes in keeping the air flowing throughout the metal building. The filtered air is more likely to stay in the building and separate from the outside air.
  • Prodex promises peace: Some structures cause loud echoes to resonate through their metal buildings whenever a storm is outside. Pitter-patters and other precipitation falls can be rather noisy, but Prodex provides a sound barrier from the rain and snow.
  • Prodex gets rid of rodents, bugs, and birds: Unlike other insulation options, pests like bugs, rodents, and birds are not attracted to Prodex as a potential place to take up roost. You will not have to worry about seeing a bunch of unwanted guests in your garage, barn, or metal building.
  • Prodex installs easily: Other insulation methods can be messy and time-consuming, but the Prodex products can install with a few tools. When you order a metal building from Get Carports, highly-trained experts will install Prodex insulation on your behalf, so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Prodex acts as a vapor barrier: Prodex also protects your investment by keeping vapors from the walls or roof from causing any deterioration caused by other elements in the metal structure.
  • Prodex prevents mold or mildew: Because all of the vapors are kept away, the walls can keep out harmful mold or mildew from spoiling your living space.

Stay Warm, Safe, and Secure With The Right Metal Building Insulation

You probably need insulation in your metal structure to protect it adequately. Introduce yourself to a new level of ownership with this essential investment. Several insulation options are available that will offer you peace of mind knowing that your metal building is secure from weather elements for years to come.

Get Carports takes pride in being a leader in the metal building industry. Do you want Prodex Total for your building? You can trust Get Carports to provide high-quality insulated buildings with Prodex Total. You can also expect free, on-time delivery. Get Carports will take care of the installation of your metal building, too. With the best prices and trained design consultants available, you can join the growing list of satisfied customers.

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