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Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During the Hot Texas Summer

Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During the Hot Texas Summer

Texas is known for its hot summers and incredible humidity. High-pressure systems, coupled with the moist currents from the Gulf Coast, can make for muggy conditions, especially in the lowland areas. Summer months routinely bring temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to the state, which sparks tornadoes, thunderstorms, and sometimes, wildfires.

As global warming continues to escalate the rate of extreme weather around the globe, the Lone Star State can expect to experience even more uncomfortable temperatures. In fact, climate scientists use recent data to forecast that Texas will experience approximately 40 additional days of 105 F or higher heat index annually by the middle of this century.
How do the average resident and investor prepare their property? By purchasing a metal building! An eco-friendly, energy-efficient, certified structure will increase your property value and secure your belongings for decades.

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming, and with it, the rising temperatures that will plague Texas for months. Heat is a major problem for property owners. Whether you are keeping cattle cool in the barn or making your home comfortable, it’s difficult to beat the heat. Energy costs are rising quickly, and average wages aren’t keeping up.

Did you know that metal buildings have many ways to regulate internal temperature without an HVAC system? With proper ventilation, paneling, and sealant, our experts have proven that a metal building is far more energy-efficient than a wood or brick one. Metal roofs reflect heat away from the interior, and galvanized panels keep the interior cool all day long.

Of course, an HVAC system is easily installed in a metal building; steel building owners report a 30% lower energy bill compared to traditionally built wood ones. Also, metal roofs are built with raised panels that make solar panel implementation simple and cost-effective! You can save the earth and your money with an energy-efficient metal building from Get Carports.

Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During a Texas Summer

Add Metal Building Insulation

Steel frames are built with cavities that are convenient for insulation placement. Because metal buildings are incredibly energy-efficient, very little insulation is necessary to create a climate-controlled atmosphere. Our experts will recommend an appropriate R-value insulation for you! Have it installed during construction as an affordable addition which will significantly increase your energy savings.

Expert Seal

Are you tired of dealing with pests and “critters”? Texas has a wealth of small animals, insects, and reptiles that are often found inside when they would be best kept outdoors. Metal buildings are built with galvanized, welded panels and expertly sealed at every seam, so there is no room for pests of any kind! Steel is a pest-resistant construction material so termites won’t be drawn to it as a food source. In fact, with proper installation, you
shouldn’t have to deal with pests at all in a metal building!

Advanced Roofing Solutions

When you’re ready to lower your energy bills, invest in an advanced metal cooling system for your roof! Painted and coated metal products are designed to reflect heat away from your metal building keep the interior cool and comfortable.

Install Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential to climate control in building interiors. Using high-grade air filters with an HVAC system is the most common approach. However, you can utilize a number of alternatives in your metal building. For example, installing gravity vents and wind-powered turbines will promote airflow. Additional fans on ceilings will keep your interior cool and fresh. Wall louvers, shutters, and dampers can also keep your energy costs low.

Add Cool Coating

Did you know that simply applying brighter and lighter colors to your metal building will keep your interior cooler? Dark colors attract sunlight and heat, so avoiding these will significantly improve your energy bills! Get Carports also offers specialty coatings to increase the efficiency of your building.

Why Color Matters: Use Sense, Save Dollars!

The Department of Energy’s ‘Cooling Your Home Naturally’ study reported that dark colors absorb up to 90% of the sun’s radiant energy. That heat is transferred to your interior and can cost a lot during a Texas summer.

Are you afraid that your metal building is doomed to be plain white? Don’t worry! Get Carports offers an incredible variety of premium panel colors that are sure to suit every taste! There are plenty of energy-efficient, stylish, light colors that will keep your pocket and your sense of artistry happy!

Get Your Texas Metal Building from Get Carports Today

Your Texas metal building must be built to last! Get Carports is the partner you need to ensure a custom design that meets your needs and can handle the heat!

Our experienced design specialists will work with you to create the building you want at a price you’ll love! Our finance division offers the best financing and rent-to-own options in the metal building industry. Our relationships with manufacturers all over America guarantee that you’ll get your building with the fastest lead time; some customers have delivery within eight weeks.

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