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Tips That Will Make Your Metal Building Delivery Go Smoothly

Tips That Will Make Your Metal Building Delivery Go Smoothly

So, you’ve made the leap. You’ve invested in a customized metal building that is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you work, your efficiency, and the overall convenience you experience. That’s great; congratulations!

Metal buildings are some of the most versatile, cost-effective buildings on the market, so you’ve made an excellent choice. In fact, people all across the United States are making the same excellent choice, causing the demand and popularity of steel structures to skyrocket!

As more people invest in these fantastic prefab metal buildings, many of them for the first time, they turn to Get Carports for the best quality and resources. Well, Get Carports is here to deliver once again, this time by offering a few tips to make the delivery of your new metal building go as smoothly as possible!

Things to Know for Your Metal Building Delivery Day

Receiving your metal building shouldn’t be daunting or difficult. Rather, it should be as easy as the customization and buying process—very! If you follow the tips listed below, we’re confident that the delivery of your steel structure will be effortless.

  • Payments – When it comes to payments, you should be prepared to pay your balance due (likely with a Cashier’s Check) when receiving the delivery. There is always the possibility of making other payment arrangements, but these would have to be made before delivery takes place.
  • Road Access – Because metal buildings are just that—buildings—they typically arrive on very large trailers pulled by very large trucks. This creates a few challenges, and it is up to you to ensure the road to the delivery site is suitable. This means making sure the road is wide enough, can support a tremendous amount of weight (up to 48,000 pounds!), is clear of any obstructions (including snow and ice), and features an area where the truck driver can turn around to leave once the delivery is complete.
  • Delays – Unfortunately, delays happen. Even if you meticulously plan and schedule, traffic, weather, accidents, and other unpredictable events can cause a delay in delivery. When this does happen, you will want to ensure that the truck driver has a phone number by which they can reach you (or someone at the delivery site).
  • Manpower –While the truck driver is incredibly skilled and will deliver your building, they will not assist you when it comes time to unload the building. You must provide the crew necessary to safely and quickly unload the building. Typically, you have a two-hour window to unload the building.
  • Equipment – Just as the truck driver is not responsible for helping you unload the building, they are also not responsible for providing the necessary equipment to do so. You will need a variety of equipment, including a forklift with at least a 4’ spread and lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds. You should check with Get Carports for a more extensive list of recommended equipment!
  • Insulation – As a more delicate part of your building, insulation will not arrive on the same truck as the rest of the building. Instead, it will arrive later in the day or at a future date that you have scheduled. Like the unloading of your building, unloading the insulation is your responsibility, not the driver’s.
  • Freight Charges–It is vital that you are prepared for delivery on the date the delivery is scheduled. If the delivery cannot be accepted, you will be on the hook for freight charges away from the site, storage charges, and freight charges back to the site. So, be prepared on delivery day—follow the tips listed above!

Be Prepared with Get Carports

Buying a custom steel structure is a big deal. It’s exciting, and the anticipation is no doubt very high as the delivery day approaches. When you buy from Get Carports, you not only receive the highest-quality buildings in the market, you also receive unbeatable customer support.

This customer support applies to everything from your preliminary research to intuitive customization and easy delivery. Get Carports will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the delivery of your new metal building goes exceptionally smoothly and that you are as prepared as possible. For more information, simply call today on (800) 691-5221.

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