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Tips for Moving a Metal Carport

Tips for Moving a Metal Carport

There are few buildings more versatile and all-around advantageous than metal carports. Americans across the country have realized this, and the demand for these ingenious steel structures has skyrocketed. As more and more Americans invest in prefab carports, many of them have the same question—what if it needs to be moved?

There are numerous reasons that you may wish to move your carport, and, unlike a traditional building, this feat is actually feasible. Of course, feasible doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Steel carports are quite large and intended to act as permanent structures, after all.

To provide some insight into how and why moving a carport is possible, Get Carports has put together a few tips to consider when moving yours. Read on to achieve metal building enlightenment!

How Exactly Can You Move a Metal Carport?

There it is, the question of the hour. Why you would choose to move a metal carport is entirely up to you, but the how—that’s Get Carports’ expertise! There are a few options when it comes to moving your prefab metal carport, and a large part of the method used will depend on the specifics of your building, including the size. So, without farther adieu, here are a few key tips for moving a metal carport.

  • Schedule a Time–This point may seem obvious, but it’s exceptionally important. Moving a metal carport isn’t something to be done flippantly, so setting a specific time helps ensure everything is in place when the time arrives. It can also take the weather into account, helping you avoid rain, cold, extreme heat, and other potential obstacles.
  • Move it in One Piece – There are two ways to potentially move your metal carport, and the first is by moving it in one piece. There’s an obvious appeal to this method because it doesn’t require the disassembly of your building, which saves you time and energy. However, there are significant challenges to this method, including the complexity and limitations associated with moving a building. The size of your carport may prohibit it, the risk for damage is increased, and you can only move it a short distance even in ideal scenarios.
  • Take it Apart – While perhaps not as convenient as moving your steel carport in a single piece, this is the more realistic method. Disassembling your building can be a pain—it certainly requires a lot of work—but it does reduce the associated risk significantly and gives you more flexibility.
  • Other Things to Consider – So, you now have the basics in place. You’ve started considering a schedule and are thinking about which moving method is best for your situation. That’s great! Now, consider the following factors to really home in on the best approach.
    • Distance – You may have gathered that this is an important consideration that will heavily influence your move. In fact, distance alone can dictate whether or not you have to disassemble your prefab carport!
    • Building Permits – When moving your prefab metal carport, you will need to check with local authorities about the possibility of needing new building permits. If these permits are required, you should apply for and secure them before moving your carport.
    • Site Preparation–Moving your metal carport to a new site means you will need to properly prepare the site. This is the same process that was applied to the original site, including clearing and leveling it.

Take the Easy Route with Get Carports

While moving your metal carport is within the realm of possibility, it is often a complicated, tedious process. The time, resources, and money that must be allocated to moving your building even a short distance are nothing to scoff at.

Instead, consider buying a new steel carport from Get Carports. Not only is it an easier and more efficient use of your time, but you can also use it as an opportunity to upgrade your facilities to more appropriately fit your needs with specific customizations.

No matter what route you decide to take, Get Carports is your friendly expert for metal buildings. As the go-to dealer of prefab carports, Get Carports can answer your questions, guide you through the processes of customization and buying a new building, and more. Just call today on (800) 691-5221.

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