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The Low Down on Metal RV Covers – Everything You Need to Know

The Low Down on Metal RV Covers – Everything You Need to Know

Owning an RV is not only a great way to travel and see the world, but it is also a significant investment that requires a lot of care! Many of us decide to invest just before the season begins and have fun traveling up and down the US without a care in the world until the off-season arrives. Then it is time to head back to reality and find a way to store your RV until travel time comes back around.

No matter how new you are to RV life, you will understand that a covered RV will last longer than one that is left out at the mercy of Mother Nature. Finding the right metal RV covers can take time, but when you invest in a custom-designed solution, you can be confident that your RV will be safely stowed away until you are ready to hit the road again. Take a moment to find out more about metal RV covers now.

Why You Should Never Leave Your RV Out in the Elements

If you think that you can leave your RV parked outside without any type of cover, then you are mistaken. An uncovered RV can be easily damaged in different weather conditions, leaving you with repair work to do when you want to head off on a trip. Not convinced?

Take a look at some of the biggest problems for an uncovered RV:

• Snowfall and Rain

During the winter months, there is an increased amount of rainfall and snow (depending on the area you live in). This may seem like something that will just wash off and drain away, but if a small leak occurs, you could be facing a huge mold issue that is incredibly difficult to resolve.

• Ongoing Sunlight Exposure

Sadly, the hot weather is just as bad as rain and snow! The UV rays that hit your RV on a sunny day can not only start to break down the materials but also prematurely age your RV, making it look older than it really is.

• Sand and Grit

Another problem with leaving your RV uncovered, is that it will be exposed to the sand or grit that is laying about. When the wind picks up, the sand and grit can hit your RV, leaving scratches and chipped paintwork for you to deal with.

• Bugs and Trees

Finally, if your RV is uncovered then you will find that many little critters will want to make it their home, especially if there are crumbs left for them to munch! Also, tree sap can damage your paintwork and is incredibly difficult to remove from windows if you park near a large group of trees.

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Choosing the Right Option – Metal RV Carports Vs. Other Options

So, you’re sold on getting a cover for your RV, but which one should you choose? Take a look at some of the most popular options to see which is best for your needs:

• Fabric

Fabric covers are often a cheap option that is easy to install and comes in a range of different patterns and colors. They are great for temperate climates and cover your entire RV, but they won’t be able to protect it from extreme weather conditions, grit, sand, or snow.

• Tarpaulin

Tarps are a super cheap option that you simply put on top of your RV and secure as well as you can. Like fabric, they don’t provide much protection and are often blown off the RV when not properly secured.

• Shrink Wrapping

The idea of shrink wrapping an RV is not only useless but can cause a build-up of mold and mildew, leaving your RV smelling awful when you next come to use it. The reason for this is that the air cannot escape from the RV, allowing it to go stale when not in use.

• Steel RV Covers

Installing metal carports to protect your RV is the best way forward, as you can customize it to suit your needs and enjoy durability and protection that will keep your RV in great condition when not in use. You can also work on your RV during the off-season when it is in a carport, enabling you to look after it and prepare it for your next trip at a time that suits you.

The Range of Benefits RV Carport Kits Offer

When you invest in RV carport kits, you will not just be getting access to a durable cover for your RV, but you will also be getting a wide range of other benefits that include:

• Lots of customization options to suit your specific needs and style choices.
• Versatility to help you maximize the usage of your space when your RV is not in storage.
• Exceptional durability that will keep your RV safe during all types of weather.
• Cost-effective solution that is affordable no matter what size you choose. Plus, there are great financing options available to help you get it installed sooner rather than later.
• Increased property value as an RV carport is an attractive feature for buyers and will encourage them to invest in your property.

Get Your RV Carports from Get Carports

If you are keen to invest in a metal RV cover but want to get them from a reputable company that has plenty of experience, then Get Carports is the best choice! We are a leading supplier of metal RV carports and other metal buildings across the United States, prefabricated in America to the highest standards possible.

Each of our metal carports is designed to fit your specific needs and delivered fast and free to your location. We will work with you to ensure the results are exactly what you need and take pride in offering the highest standards of customer service possible. If you are ready to find out more about steel RV covers, then we would love to hear from you – call us today at +1 800 691 5221, and let’s start planning together!

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