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The Five Most Famous Metal Garages

The Five Most Famous Metal Garages

The sheer diversity of metal buildings in the United States is incredibly impressive. Because there are so many designs to start with and practically unlimited customizations that can be made to them, the possibilities of what people can dream up and make a reality are endless.

One of the most inventive ways that people use steel buildings is creating the ultimate metal garages. Some of these highly customized buildings have become famous thanks to their high-profile owners, remarkable designs, and the expensive collections they contain.

These famous metal garages are great examples of the potential that steel buildings offer. They capture the outcome of what can happen when human creativity, skilled engineers, and a dream come to fruition. So, without farther adieu, we present to you the five most famous metal garages. Prepare to be amazed!

The Most Extraordinary Collector’s Car Metal Garages

There are a handful of custom garages that stand out among all others. These iconic metal garages set the gold standard for dream garages in the United States and feature some unbelievable car collections. Check out five of the most amazing collector’s car metal garages below!

Jay Leno

There may not be a garage that has been in the limelight as much as Jay Leno’s famous metal garage. Leno, known for his stint as a lovable Tonight Show host, is a well-documented car-lover. His garage, commonly referred to as the Big Dog Garage, is a full-blown automotive paradise that features nearly 200 automobiles and over 100 motorcycles.

Leno, who works on the vehicles himself and enjoys driving his collection, even has a YouTube show that provides a more in-depth exploration of the garage. You can check it out for yourself by watching “Jay Leno’s Garage!”

145,000 Square Feet of Classic Automobile Heaven

Yes, you read that right. In 2005, Bob Machinist built a 120,000-square-foot metal building to house the classic car collections of several prominent collectors. The demand for such space was so high that Machinist actually had to expand the building to an even more ridiculous 145,000 square feet.

If the size of the building isn’t impressive enough, consider this—the vehicles it houses are so valuable that the garage had to be custom-designed to withstand just about anything nature can throw at it, including fire.

Seinfeld’s Porsche Paradise

This comedian is known for bringing laughter to millions of Americans. Die-hard car fans also know him for his impressive collection of Porsches. With over $15 million worth of Porsches in his Manhattan metal garage, Seinfeld is the envy of many car enthusiasts. He even keeps a private mechanic on staff to ensure his sports cars are ready to drive at any time!

His steel garage also features climate control, office space, a fully functioning kitchen, and more! It’s a prime example of the potential that metal garages have.

Ralph Lauren

If you’re looking for a stylish metal garage, look no further than that belonging to fashion extraordinaire Ralph Lauren. He purposefully designed this steel garage to be reminiscent of a museum, and the more than 60 classic vehicles it houses are more than worthy of such treatment. This is a truly unique twist on metal garage design.

Milton Robson

A self-made entrepreneur, Milton Robson, started out as a high school graduate with a dream and an incredible work ethic. Now, he owns a 40,000 square-foot custom steel garage that is home to his muscle car collection. Not only does his garage protect his awesome car collection, but it also features some interesting extras, such as a barbershop, diner, music stage, gas station, and saloon!

Why are Metal Garages the Best Choice?

Steel garages have a myriad of advantages that make them a superior choice when investing in a garage building. We’ve highlighted a few of these benefits below and recommend speaking to Get Carports directly to learn more!

  • Customization – Metal garages can be easily adapted to your needs. Dictate the dimensions of your building, the roof style, the thickness of the framing and paneling, the color, and more to ensure your steel structure suits your applications.
  • Strength – Protecting your valuable, whether it’s vehicles, recreational equipment, or something else entirely, is important. Metal garages can withstand even the harshest climates, giving you the peace-of-mind you crave!
  • Affordability – Rather than spending an exorbitant amount on a traditional building, invest in an affordable metal building that performs even better. The cost-effectiveness of steel structures is simply unparalleled.

Build Your Custom Garage with Get Carports

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