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The Difference Between Garages in the 1950s and Today

The Difference Between Garages in the 1950s and Today

Most property owners in the United States either have or wished they had a garage! There are many different types of garages used across the country, but have you ever stopped to consider the history of the humble garage and why they have become so popular?

Interestingly, garages are a modern invention with a short history of around 100 years. However, they have quickly become a vital part of homes across the country and are used for a range of purposes, from workshops to offices and storage to parking your car.

It’s no shock to learn that they are only a century old as the invention and growth of car usage is also historically recent. Before cars became a mainstream option, most people used carriages and carts, both of which required a larger building for storage.

However new garages may be, they have still changed since they were first introduced to modern America. Take a look at how a modern garage has changed from the garages of the 1950s.

Comparing the Garages of the 50s to the Garages of Today – Similarities

One fact is clear – no matter when a garage was built, it would have enjoyed the same purpose as a new garage that is built today – to store a vehicle. The reason for storing your car, truck, RV, or any other vehicle is to keep it secure and protect it from factors such as the weather.

Another key similarity between garages now and in the 50s is the type of flooring that is used. Most garages have a sturdy base made from concrete or cement that is leveled for ease of use. The great thing about these garage bases is that they are easy to maintain and can be cleaned when there is a spillage or a buildup of dirt.

The main similarity between garages in the 50s and today is that no matter how organized and tidy you are, you can be certain that your garage will be home to plenty of unwanted and unneeded items that you are yet to organize!

Comparing the Garages of the 50s to the Garages of Today – Differences

Many of us assume that garages have always followed the same design and makeup, and while that may seem true at first glance, there are still some noticeable differences from the 50s to today. One of the most obvious differences is that garages from the 50s were smaller than the garages we build today, mainly because homes would have only owned one car.

With the growing need for more cars and storage for other vehicles, it is not uncommon to see larger metal garages that can store multiple vehicles with ease.

Another key difference is the amount of natural light you get to enjoy in the garage space. In the 50s, garages were predominantly used for cars, and so a single-window was enough to provide the driver with light to get in and out of the car. Today, we tend to install more windows and doors than before as we use the space as an extension of our home or as a dual-purpose room.

The idea of a dual-purpose or multi-functional space is also new. Garages in the 50s were used for cars and overflow storage without exception. Today, many of us utilize the space in our garages to create a workshop, office, gym, or even a living space so that we can extend the size of our homes without undertaking costly renovation work.

In fact, many modern garages are no longer home to cars as we opt to leave them outside while we reimagine what our garages can be.

The Wide Range of Metal Garages

The great thing about modern garages is that there are so many different options available! Take a look at our metal garage range to get an idea of what will work for you:

  • Single Car Garages – if space is tight, then a single car garage may be the best choice. Designed to fit your car and offer you extra storage space.
  • Two Car Garages – when you have more than one car to house or if you need a space to work alongside your car, then a two-car garage is a great choice.
  • Three Car Garage – perfect for homes with enough space, a three-car garage gives you space for all your vehicles and can be used to add additional living space to your property if you don’t have three cars to store.
  • Prefab RV Garages – if you own an RV, you will need access to a garage that is tall and wide enough to store it – that’s where our RV metal garage kits are an ideal solution!
  • Custom Metal Garages – need something more niche? Get Carports can work with you to design and create a bespoke space.
  • Certified Metal Garages – when you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, you will need a certified building to pass zoning requirements – we can help!
  • Regular Roof Garages – with curved corners and horizontal panels, a regular roof garage is stylish and affordable.
  • A-Frame Garage – this style garage comes with a roof that can withstand poor weather and looks great next to your property.
  • Vertical Roof Garage – for areas that experience extreme weather conditions, the best choice is a vertical roof that can withstand all the pressures put on it.
  • Metal Garage Kits for DIY – if you need a space to create a workshop or DIY zone, then our metal garage kits are sure to have the answer you are looking for!

Get the Best Metal Garage Prices from Get Carports

If you are in the market for a new garage, then you will probably want one that fits today’s modern needs rather than the 1950s style we’ve discussed! The great news is that Get Carports is the largest metal building dealer in the United States, with years of experience.

We will work with you to find the right metal garage for your needs and can offer the best metal garage prices in the country, as well as fast and free delivery.

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