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Texas Buyer’s Guide – Steel Garage Kits

Texas Buyer’s Guide – Steel Garage Kits

If you live somewhere that does not have a garage, and you have one or more cars, you have probably wished that you had storage space to use, especially with the Texas climate. The good news is that there are a number of different metal garages in Texas that you could consider to help overcome the issue.

From steel garages to RV covers and barns to carports, there is sure to be a solution that fits your needs and your space. Read our guide to find out more about steel garage kits, and then start shopping around to get yours purchased and delivered!

Why Garages Are Important in Texas

If you live in Texas, you are probably used to the climate and traffic issues that are a regular occurrence but have you considered that these issues could be a problem for your vehicle if it is not stored in a garage? Take a look at some of the biggest problems in Texas for vehicle owners:

  • Texas is the second most hurricane-prone state – extreme weather is a huge problem for vehicles as it can cause significant damage very quickly. As Texas is the second most hurricane-prone state, there is a genuine likelihood that your vehicle will be damaged if it is not stored correctly.
  • Texas experiences natural disasters – Texas has been prone to many natural disasters over the years, all of which pose a potential problem for vehicle owners. Investing in steel garages helps you to avoid the severe impact of these disasters.
  • Texas exports a lot of automotive parts – the automotive industry is booming in Texas, meaning that you can keep your car going for longer when you invest in spare parts. Keeping your car covered will also help you to prolong its life, saving you a lot of cash along the way.
  • There are over 22 million vehicles on the roads of Texas – with so many vehicles o the roads, it makes sense to invest in steel garages so that you always have somewhere to park!
  • There is a lot of water sports and boating on offer – if you are part of the water sports and boating world that Texas offers, you will need to have appropriate cover for your boat and other watersports equipment, ready to store it out of season.

Steel Garage with two garage doors

Our Handy Buying Guide for Texans

There is a range of things that you need to consider when you decide to buy steel garage kits. Some of the main considerations include:

  • Usability – you will need to find a building that covers all your needs, and that is not too big or too small.
  • Dimensions –before you agree to buy metal garages in Texas, take the time to properly measure your space so that you get the right dimensions for your building.
  • Protection & Durability –opting for a garage made from a material like steel will provide you with the greatest levels of protection and durability as opposed to other materials.
  • Style & Roof – you will need to think about getting the right style to fit your vehicles and opt for the type of roof that offers the best protection all year round.
  • Steel Garage Prices – whilst cost is not the only consideration, it is still very important, and you will need to decide how much you can spend before shopping around for the best solution.
  • Restriction and Zoning Requirements – each area has its own construction requirements that you will need to research before you buy a new steel garage. You can contact your local zoning office to get further advice.
  • Environmental Factors – one of the best bits about a steel garage is that it is a very eco-friendly option as it will be partly made from recycled steel and will also be fully recyclable when you have finished with it.
  • Customization Options – choosing steel means that you can fully customize your finished garage from size and shape to colors and accessories – giving you the chance to make it yours.
  • Preparing Your Site –Once you have decided on a steel building, all you will need to do is clear and level the site and lay a concrete foundation ready for the building to be built on. The kit arrives ready for building, making it one of the easiest construction projects on the market.

The Benefits of Installing Steel Garage Kits

There are a wider range of benefits when it comes to choosing a steel building, with the main ones including:

  • Affordable solutions – construction is expensive, but choosing steel is one of the most cost-effective solutions available to consumers.
  • Fast construction time – as everything is prefabricated in the factory, the total building time is minimal, making steel garages one of the quickest ways to get your vehicles covered.
  • Long-term savings – steel buildings need very little maintenance and last for many years, meaning that your ongoing costs will be kept to a minimum.
  • DIY heaven –if you want to show off your DIY skills and love building, then a steel building kit is the ultimate challenge. It’s simple, straightforward, and is sure to leave all your friends impressed.

When you buy a steel garage kit, you can expect the following components to be delivered, ready for you to use:

  • Steel framing members
  • Steel framing supports
  • Roof panels
  • Wall paneling
  • Fastening hardware
  • Building anchors
  • Any extra customization features you choose when placing your order (like doors, windows, etc.)

When You Want a Steel Building Kit, Turn to Get Carports

If you are a vehicle owner in Texas, it is clear that you should consider investing in a steel garage kit to help you keep your things safe even in the worst weather. At Get Carports, we work with all our customers to design and customize their chosen buildings so that they don’t have to worry.

All our buildings are delivered free and prefabricated ready for your use. Not only do we deliver quality parts, but we offer the fastest lead times and the best customer service so that you can feel confident that your building solution is the right one for your needs. Call us today at (800) 691-5221  to get your quote!

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