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Retail Gardening: Sow Sales and Reap Rewards with Clear Span Metal Buildings

Retail Gardening: Sow Sales and Reap Rewards with Clear Span Metal Buildings

Planting Profits with Custom Clear Span Buildings

While it may be a seasonal activity, U.S. retail gardening is flourishing! Revenue reports show that nursery and gardening sales were around 50 billion dollars alone in 2019. And throughout the past five years, annual sales have increased by an average of 4.2%. Annual sales are predicted to increase by 4.3% through the year 2023. So, with such promising numbers, it makes sense that you start planting roots in the industry now rather than later.

Prefab Clear Span Buildings Are Ideal for Retail Gardening

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a smaller garden shed, a medium-size retail store or a full garden center, clear span metal buildings are perfect for all your retail gardening needs. But what really makes them ideal for this industry? There are various reasons gardening retailers are opting for custom steel buildings for their business, including the following:

  • Clear span structures are one of the most cost-effective storage options offered in the metal building industry.
  • Prefab clear span metal buildings are designed without the need for interior posts or barriers.
  • When it comes to the width, length and height of these unique structures, there are no limits.
  • Unlike their wooden counterparts, clear span structures aren’t susceptible to fire, rust, rot or pest infestations.
  • After being installed, they require very little maintenance.
  • These prefab clear span buildings have the ability to hold their original value for decades to come.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Just like any other business, retail garden centers put most of their attention on two things; bringing customers in and making sure they come back. But before you have a custom clear span structure installed on your property, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration first.

  • Location, Location, Location! – Location is everything. You’ll need to choose an area that can easily be found by your customers and has a high volume of traffic.
  • Easy Access for Customers – Not only should your garden center have easy access for your customers, but it should also have a design that easily allows for expansion later down the road.
  • Building Permits – Before any building can be installed on your property, you will need to check with your zoning office and local building department about all permits and building codes. If you don’t obtain all building permits, your structure may need to be taken down after installation.
  • Have an Eye-Catching Layout – Not only can you customize your structure to your exact preferences with our customization options, but you can add more features AFTER it’s installed! Finish the exterior of the clear span building with bricks, stone or windows to add a personal touch.
  • Showcasing Expertise – You’ll want your customers to be inspired and want to buy from your company. And with a few beautiful displays, striking landscaping and other custom features, you’ll be the talk of the town (in the best way possible)!

Get Carports Wants to Help Your Business Bloom

Today’s retail gardening industry is a great opportunity for your business to flourish. Don’t wait to plant your new business! Let Get Carports help you build the ultimate gardening retail operation and watch it blossom in a custom clear span steel building. Just give us a call today at (800) 691-5221 to speak with one of our building specialists or visit our website to learn more.

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