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Should You Expand Your Current Carport or Build from Scratch

Should You Expand Your Current Carport or Build from Scratch

Over the years, many homeowners find that their needs have grown, and the original carport they own is no longer large enough to do the job. After all, families grow, and so do their needs! But when you reach this point, is it more economical to expand your current cover or to build a larger one from scratch? It’s an enormous question that carries quite a bit of nuance because not every structure is identical. And one particular course of action might be great for some but not others.

To help make sense of it all, we’ll dive deeper into some factors that can help you decide whether to build onto your established carport or start fresh.

Crucial Factors to Consider When Expanding Your Carport

If your needs have only slightly changed, or you simply want extra room to house a new vehicle, extending your carport might be more cost-effective than building anew. Let’s take a look at why.

  • Extending vs. Widening

When expanding a prefab metal building or carport, lengthening the structure is often easier than adding width. While still doable, widening a structure will require a different approach and maybe a more expensive option.

  • Adding Lean-tos

If you require a broader structure to accommodate your vehicles and essential items, you may choose to add one or more lean-tos to your building. These expansions add an extra room to each end of your carport and can be designed to be open or fully enclosed with windows, doors, and any other components you may need.

  • Extending Foundations

Is your foundation large enough to house a more extensive structure? For example, if you add length or width to your carport, garage, or metal building, you will likely need to lay additional concrete.

When to Build Fresh

Many factors can sway your decision to add to your carport or scrap it and build fresh.

  • Building Quality

Did a trusted metal building manufacturer build your metal building? Was it certified to handle the weather in your region? Has your building been damaged during its service? Understanding these aspects will give you a great indication of the best course of action. However, if your structure has deteriorated, is damaged, or has not been maintained and repaired for many years, you may consider starting fresh.

  • Space Requirements

Do you have enough space to expand your structure? If the space around your installation isn’t large enough to accommodate a bigger building, you might consider opting for a new structure in a different location.

  • Permissions

Most localities will require you to obtain building permits for any permanent structure. This includes any additions you may choose to add to a building in the future. You’ll want to consult with your local building officials to determine which action is best for your situation.

  • Overall Costs

The overall cost will be the most important thing to remember when weighing whether to expand or build a fresh structure. You’ll need to calculate the costs of extending your current building and compare that to the costs of installing an entirely new structure.

What to Know When Building a New Structure

If you’re starting fresh by purchasing a new prefab metal carport or metal building, there are some essential things you’ll want to cover to ensure your installation goes smoothly. By taking the time to cover these aspects of your build, you’ll eliminate many of the headaches homeowners face when installing their carport.

  • Recyclability

If you’re scrapping your old structure, keep in mind that the material can be melted down and used repeatedly without diminishing its strength!

  • Location

Is your install site ideal? If you haven’t yet chosen an installation site, you’ll want to ensure that it’s located in an area that rests above natural water runoff and has ample access for you and the installation crews.

  • Ample Room

To be prepared for future growth, you’ll also want to ensure that your build site is large enough to accommodate expansions or additions to your new structure. Taking the time to plan this out can save you tons of money over the years.

  • Budget

Every construction project will require a budget. Preparing a well-crafted budget will allow you to meet the requirements of your build while accounting for any extra expenses that may arise.

  • Customizations

When you purchase a carport or metal building, you’ll have a vast array of customization options available to you. Easily change the paneling, roofing styles, windows, doors, trim, and color schemes to meet your exact specifications.

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