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Settling the Debate over Attached vs. Detached Metal Garages

Settling the Debate over Attached vs. Detached Metal Garages

Metal garages come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. A huge variety exists in the uses and functions of garages for customers who have unique goals and needs. And, garages of all kinds are a sound investment because they provide all the storage and space for all your most prized possessions and pastimes.

The question of how to configure your garage quickly comes up after you’ve decided on a metal structure for your new project. In fact, the list of pros and cons becomes long, and each shows they have unique advantages to provide. Here, you’ll find a comparison of attached and detached metal garages so that you can decide for yourself which needs and conditions are most useful for you.

Use them to choose between the attached vs. detached options, and settle the debate so you can buy your dream metal garage.


The Many Benefits of Attached Garages

Attached garages are a relatively new development in the world of house building, as they didn’t become popular until the 1950s. The popularity of this building design quickly grew because of the possibility of easily accessing homes through kitchens, halls, or rooms. And, they also present the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to endure the weather. Whether rain, sleet, or snow, your garage will be there to provide cover even getting in or out. Simply drive in and close the door.
  • You can make it easy to access. You no longer need separation between your home and garage. Make trips quicker and lock in more benefits.
  • You might have the house appear larger. Small houses can increase their footprint through an attached garage, which can double the size of the house.
  • You’ll save significant yard space. A detached garage adds complication to space, whereas an attached one gives room for gardens, trees, and anything else.
  • Utilities are less complicated. Adding heat and electricity to your garage is simplified greatly by attachment.


The Case for Detached Metal Garages

A detached garage came into the design of homes and structures early on, and it sticks around because of the many appeals. So, consider these important benefits that adding a detached garage can offer your property:

  • You can increase your property value. A detached garage adds valuable square footage to the calculation of your home property value. This could mean an uptick.
  • You might boost resale appeal. Distinctly, a detached garage increases the attractiveness of the estate through home improvement and foresight.
  • You’ll add storage space. A large, detached metal garage provides room for vehicles, plus extra space to store lawn care equipment, decoration items, jet skis, ATVs, and all the other paraphernalia that otherwise clogs your homes.
  • You could free an attached garage. If you already have an attached garage, you can free it to function as a room or extension of your home. No need to build fresh.
  • You gain multi-purpose space. The possibilities of a detached garage have been time-tested. Hold a party. Park your care. Create a studio. Do it all.


Picking Between Attached or Detached Metal Garages

The run is close. While both forms provide storage and shelter, they also vary widely for the use cases. In other words, each customer will have a unique need that an attached or detached garage might satisfy. So, we have to consider more deeply which is better through metal garage installation, costs, and more.

  1. Installation— A professional dealer should handle your installation unless you are a professional yourself. But, some dealers of metal garages make it simple.
  2. Costs— Attached garages remain cheaper for building than the detached version because of the details of heating, installation, electricity, and other differences.
  3. Expansion— Whereas an attached garage cannot really grow after installation easily, a detached garage can easily scale to meet any demand.
  4. Design— Lot space makes an attached garage sometimes a challenge, but detached options also take up valuable areas.
  5. Noise— Detached garages will disturb fewer people and occupants if space should need a work area where machinery exists.
  6. Convenience— Attached garages certainly appear more convenient for more homes especially, and detached garages often need additional fitting for heat and power to keep things comfortable.
  7. Security and Insurance— Some companies view attached garages as a security problem and threat. Stored items could be dangerous, valuable, and pose an intruder an easy entry.
  8. Resale Value— Both options could boost the resale value of your property or estate depending on the area, curb appeal, and consistency. A real estate professional will tell you many ways to be strategic.

In short, the detached garage presents more value and foresight for a property. It’s less noisy, more secure, expandable, and easily installed. As well, you could free possibilities for your property by liberating space for growth and boosting property value at the same time.

Explore Attached and Detached Garages with Get Carports

Both garage forms offer advantages and disadvantages to suit your needs. From cost to convenience and value to growth potential, a customer like you can select from the best of the best. While you’ll decide ultimately for yourself which garage is better for you, we side with the detached metal garage style because of its potential to add space, value, and security to your home.

For guaranteed prices, free delivery, and installation, explore metal garages from Get Carports. You’ll receive the highest quality of steel buildings and enjoy a high customer satisfaction rate. Never worry about deliveries being late or lacking metal building expertise. Contact Get Carports at (800) 691-5221 to speak with a qualified and trained building specialist about your steel garage.

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