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Orienting a Metal Loafing Shed

Orienting a Metal Loafing Shed

Metal loafing sheds are becoming wildly popular in the United States, not just with farmers but also in residential and commercial areas too! This is because loafing sheds (also called run-in sheds) are incredibly reliable and versatile. You can use them to protect almost any type of property from rough weather conditions. Steel loafing sheds also come with the option of adding a tack or saddle room, which gives you a place to store valuables or extra supplies.


Metal Loafing Shed


What is a Metal Loafing Shed?

A steel loafing shed is a small barn type of structure initially designed for housing livestock, most commonly horses. Loafing sheds have three sides and protect from weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sunshine. They come in various sizes and have different options in roof styles and features to meet your specific needs.

What is the Correct Orientation for a Steel Loafing Shed?

When you buy a prefab loafing shed, the best way to orient it is toward the east. This is always true, but unfortunately, due to land and other possible factors such as traffic or the owner’s preference, a loafing shed cannot always face east. So, let’s look at the impact of orienting your metal loafing shed in different directions.



  • From the north, the pad at the front of the metal building will always stay dry.
  • The front of the building will always have direct sunlight.
  • The inside of the shed will be well lit during the day time from sunlight.


  • During long, hot days in the summer, the amount of sun shining into the building can damage some equipment or supplies.



  • There will be very little sunlight shining into your shed.
  • Your items will be stored free from light damage.
  • Your loafing shed will provide shade for livestock, people, or items.


  • You will have little natural light to see inside your metal loafing shed.



  • There really are no pros for facing your loafing shed towards the west.


  • All weather patterns bring storms, rain, and snow in from the west, which will leave your animals and property unprotected. It is never a good idea to orient your loafing shed towards the west.



  • The east is the most common option for orienting a loafing shed.
  • Weather patterns seldom come from the east, so this orientation will leave your animals and valuables protected from any storms or other bad weather.
  • Sunlight from the east is enough to keep the inside of the shed dry and well-lit part of the day, but as the day progresses and the sun moves, it keeps the shed from being exposed to harsh sunlight and temperatures for extended periods.


  • There truly are no cons for facing your loafing shed towards the east.

Why Use a Steel Loafing Shed?

Steel loafing sheds are super strong and durable. They have great diversity in application and can be used for almost anything. This includes horse stalls, hay storage, fawning stable, children’s playhouse, a place for livestock feeding or housing. The tack room can be used for any small work shed, storage, or saddle room. Metal loafing sheds are very economical, and your price will vary based on the size of the shed, its intended location, and manufacturer, as well as any customizations that you add.

Benefits of a Metal Loafing Shed Include:

  • They are Reliable: These structures are built to last, and you can count on them for a lifetime.
  • They are Not Expensive: Loafing sheds are easy to install and require very little maintenance, making them super cost-effective.
  • They are Durable and Can Resist Routine Wear and Tear: Because they are made of steel, loafing sheds are strong. They can handle whatever wind, rain, and snow that Mother Nature can throw at them!
  • They Serve a Variety of Applications: Loafing sheds can be used for anything, so your imagination is the only limit to their usefulness.
  • They are Made with Pride in The US: All metal buildings offered by Get Carports are made in the United States, so you can rest assured that you are supporting American workers.
  • They are Made from Top-Quality Materials: Steel loafing sheds from Get Carports are made from only top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last!
  • They Are Professionally Installed: Experienced specialists can provide professional installation of your new prefab loafing shed.

Get Your Metal Loafing Shed Today!

A metal loafing shed or metal run-in building will add extra shelter and storage to your property as well as value and can be used for anything you can think of! Consider the extra practical storage space these structures can provide, as well as the utility you ultimately can get out of them.

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