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Loafing Sheds to Help You on the Farm

Loafing Sheds to Help You on the Farm

Are you a farmer with cows and other livestock? Perhaps you love horses and care for them like family. That means you need high-quality structures to shelter your animals. Have you ever heard of loafing sheds? You need one of these structures to shelter your prized livestock and horses from strong winds, heavy rains, hot sun, mud, and more. Not only that, but you can include extra storage space, feeding stations, and more to make your DIY loafing shed more like a hybrid barn. Maybe you want to simply provide shade for your animals and allow them to come and go from their shelter as they please.

You need to invest in a loafing shed. You might be surprised at how affordable the loafing shed cost really is!

Advantages of Having a Loafing Shed

Loafing sheds on your property have many advantages compared to traditional barns and animal stalls.

Your animals can choose when to enter the shed, allowing them to roam at their leisure. In addition, loafing sheds have better ventilation than barns, which means your animals will breathe better and have better lung capacity.

The best part is that a DIY loafing shed can also come as a kit, which is much more affordable than building an entire barn or stable.

Metal Loafing Sheds: Suitable For Agriculture and Farming Uses

Loafing sheds are specifically designed to house animals and protect them from the weather. Not only will this space keep your cows or horses safe from heavy winds, cold snow, and seasonal rain, but it is an ideal living area for these animals. Why? Because they have plenty of room for comfort. Besides, you will save money using metal loafing sheds as opposed to building traditional barns. These sheds are also suitable for agricultural, and farming uses because you can store tack, medicine, grooming supplies, and other agriculture necessities.

However, this farming practice is nothing new, which is why you should rest assured knowing loafing sheds are a sound investment. As early as the Egyptian era, stables were depicted on royal tombs and noted in royal inscriptions. Similarly, the Hebrew Bible mentions King Solomon’s famous stables, and Chinese history notes the Emperor’s horse stables. Alternatively known as run-in sheds, loafing sheds are small barns designed to protect your livestock.

Consider These, While Planning Out Your Loafing Shed

The post-frame barn-style run-in shed is one of the most basic and valuable structures on the farm. It is your choice to use it as a temporary barn until your permanent stable is ready or as a permanent shelter for horses that spend most of their time in pastures.

The following are essential things to consider when deciding whether to build or buy loafing shed kits for your animals.

  • Dimensions

Approximately 12 to 14 feet of running space are provided for every 1-2 horses in a typical run-in shed. The amount of space you need for steel loafing sheds will depend on the size and habits of your animals and the dynamics of the herd. Having too much room may cause one of the horses to push out the others.

  • The Orientation

The position of your prefab loafing shed is important? Why? Because your loafing shed should block the sun and cold winds, usually brought by the west and north, for most of the year. Ultimately, a compromise will emerge between these two approaches.

  • Location

Ideally, you should situate your run-in shed in a high, dry area where your horses already tend to relax. Since the shed will see much traffic, you’ll need to add sand or a full stone foundation to ensure drainage. To ensure dry footing, you’ll also need to monitor the ground conditions and maintain the foundation regularly, replacing it at least annually.

  • Accessibility

If a loafing shed is large, it could make sense to divide it into smaller compartments with a whole or 3-by-4 wall. Thus, the alpha horse will be less likely to evict the low horse, and you can prevent fights. You can also move your horses around and separate them when necessary. With flexible pipe gates, many horse owners arrange the shed to open onto one or more paddocks.

  • Gutters and Eaves

Adding gutters and eaves to your shed can help extend its “dry zone.” In both cases, you will significantly extend the life of your footing and your structure by keeping water from it.

  • Extensions 

Run-in sheds can be equipped with feed storage areas, for example. The standard configuration is to create a feed area between two extensive run-ins. You can sometimes use the run-in to store tack, medicine, and grooming supplies for horses.

Get Carports Can Help Build Your Loafing Shed!

When it comes to protecting your cows, horses, and other agricultural supplies, you will want a DIY loafing shed or loafing barn made of high-quality materials. Those only come from Get Carports. It is Get Carports’ goal to provide you with the best loafing sheds possible, so your animals are always safe when the weather turns ugly.

What’s even better is you won’t have to wait long for the metal shelter to arrive. Get Carports offers one of the fastest delivery times for loafing shed kits and the best lead times in the business.  You can trust an established metal buildings dealer to provide premium quality metal buildings. Call now at (800) 691-5221 to learn how you can customize your steel loafing shed. It can be as basic or elaborate as you desire, based on your needs and budget.

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