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How to Prevent a Metal Carport from Sweating

How to Prevent a Metal Carport from Sweating

Steel Carports have recently become very popular additions for homeowners looking to protect their vehicles and property. For one thing, steel carports are considerably less expensive than traditional wood structures, allowing you to focus your budget on other areas. Thanks to their carefully engineered prefabricated design, they’re also a great deal easier and faster to install than others. Steel’s durability, particularly if it’s genuine U.S.-made steel, is ideal for protecting your cars and other stored objects from hazardous weather such as rain, snow, and even hurricanes.

One of the other benefits of a steel carport you hear a lot about is that it requires much less maintenance than the competition. It’s true, steel carports are simply easier to care for. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can stop maintenance entirely. Remember, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Occasionally, some extra attention needs to be paid in order to prevent situations like sweating.

Why Does Sweating Matter?

It’s perfectly normal for a little moisture to build up on your metal carport, and at first, it seems like such a minor issue that you probably think you don’t need to be concerned – but this would be a critical mistake. As more and more moisture collects, your prefab carport can begin to rust and erode. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to prevent your carport from “sweating,” and protect you from any potential damage this may create.

How Does Moisture Penetrate a Steel Carport?

Moisture, brought on by wetness and humidity, has more than one way to form inside a steel building. Some ways that moisture builds in a steel carport are:

● Using the Wrong Vapor Retarders
● Installing Vapor Retarders Incorrectly
● Installing Insulation Incorrectly
● Leaky Roof
● Through the Ground

Check for Leaks and Cracks

Preventing moisture from building up in your prefab metal carport is a big part of fighting back sweating. The first thing you should do is to check the roof for any leaks that let water inside. If you find any, be sure to seal them right away.

Similarly, you should always check the foundation for any cracks that could potentially let water seep in through the ground. Even seemingly small or insignificant cracks should be fixed as soon as possible, as they’ll allow moisture to rise over time.

Smart Carport Placement is Key

This method of fighting moisture is not particularly useful if your metal carport is already installed. However, if you’re still in the planning stages, it should certainly be helpful. You are free to place your carport wherever you’d like on your property, but as you do, take into account where you’ve seen water collect. You’ll want to place your carport away from these areas, lowering the chances of sweating before your steel building is even installed.

It would not be wise, for example, to place your carport on the lowest point of your property. That’s precisely where water tends to collect after any heavy rainstorm. Any grass or other plant life in that lower area will save that water for nutrients, meaning it doesn’t just go away after a few hours. You’ll definitely have humidity issues if your steel carport is placed too low on your property.

Get Help Placing Your Metal Carport Today!

Sweating may seem like a minor issue, but we’ve seen carport eroding due to a lack of attention paid. If you’re concerned about sweating or just don’t know where it would be safe to place your prefab carport, the qualified and trained consultants at Get Carports are ready to help you make that selection, as well as any other customizations that you choose.

We’re proud to be the top-dealer of U.S. Steel buildings in the country, and we know that comes with a responsibility to provide you excellent knowledge and service, always. Don’t let your metal carport corrode, call Get Carports today at (800) 691-5221!

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