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Design a Custom Metal Building to Create the Space You Desire

Design a Custom Metal Building to Create the Space You Desire

When we need space for home storage or business, we always consider cost first and then style. With custom metal buildings, you can have the design you want at the best rate. When you factor in the longevity of a metal building, the cost is much lower when compared to other materials. Long gone are the days of bland rectangular buildings as well; your metal building can be as modern as you like.

Whether you need a residential or commercial metal building, you can trust Get Carports to deliver high-quality steel structures. As an established metal buildings dealer, you will receive a premium quality metal building from an experienced and dedicated team of experts.

Why a Custom Metal Building Kit is the Best Option for You

A metal building kit could be the smartest choice for you if you need additional space on your property. A custom steel building is a perfect fit if you need space for a business, warehouse, office, in-law suite, or rental area. Here are the top 6 reasons why a metal building could be the perfect fit for you:

  • Long-Lasting Durability

Steel buildings are incredibly durable. You can customize your metal building with different roof styles for different climates. Steel is a superior building material and lasts longer than wood, and is fire-resistant. You can expect to have your metal building in excellent condition for several decades.

  • Little Maintenance

A metal building needs little to no maintenance. When compared to wood, metal doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals or painted. Your metal building will need to be cleaned when required (could be as little as 1-2 times a year).

  • Customize It

When you order a DIY custom building kit, you can pick everything. You get to decide the colors you want, roof-style, size, and any other customization option. You can make additional rooms in your building or loft spaces as well.

  • Versatility

Your custom metal building can be used for anything you want. For personal use, it can be a garage, man cave, she-shed, or in-law suite. Many businesses take advantage of steel buildings as well. You can make office space, a restaurant, a studio space, or warehouse space. The possibilities are endless.

  • Minimal Build Time

Custom metal buildings come delivered ready to be built. Some companies will even install the facility for you for no or low cost. You can do it yourself as metal building kits have instructions and have all the materials you need. With it being ready to assemble, your labor cost is drastically lower.

  • Open, Unobstructed Flexibility

Steel buildings don’t have any load-bearing walls on the inside of the structure. Therefore, you have the flexibility of having an open floor plan. You can, of course, add borders if you need additional privacy, but you can also change the layout very quickly.

Your Metal Building Can Be Designed Exactly How You Want It

Probably the best thing about custom steel buildings is precisely that – they are custom! You can choose from any design element to make it your own. You can also choose design aspects that are best for your area, both climate and the space you have to build. Here are 11 examples of some elements you can completely customize in your steel buildings.

Building Size

While there are companies that offer only set sizes (and there are “average” sizes sometimes) of metal buildings, many others provide complete flexibility with size. A popular size is often a 40×60 structure, but make sure to consider any equipment or furniture going into space. Remember, a metal building can often go up to 300 feet wide!

High-Quality Building

Like every product you buy, you can usually find someone who manufactures it cheaper. However, you should do your research because cheaper does not always equal the same quality. If you only go with the most affordable option, it could end up costing you much more because of things like repairs, waiting on missing parts, and additional labor costs.

Building Height

Custom metal buildings can go up to 40 feet high, but most are usually 12-20 feet. When thinking about height, remember that it is measured from floor to eave and does not include the peak. Consider what you want in the space to determine how high you need it – Will you need a second floor? Will your business require additional storage?


You can add the number, size, and shape of windows you like in your custom building. Think about the lighting you’ll want or need for your personal or business use. A great way to save on your lighting bill is to add skylights to let in natural light. You will want to think about the overall layout of furniture and equipment, and then think about window placement.


You can have as many doors as you like for your building as well. Just remember the layout that you want. You will enjoy the flow to make sense – an entrance and exit door and any additional emergency exits. You can also have garage doors installed in different sizes for your needs. Many restaurants even use garage doors as “windows” for a modern vibe.


You can have any flooring you want in your metal building, from carpet to finished concrete. Think about what you’re using it for – if you need it to be extraordinarily durable or if you are going for great aesthetics. You can also have multiple types of flooring throughout to accommodate different areas.

Customize According to the Climate

Your climate region matters, and you can customize your building to suit its needs. If you reside in a place with heavy rainfall, consider having additional treatments to the steel. You can research your region or ask a professional what building requirements would be beneficial. You want your metal building to last as long as it can, so don’t let the elements affect its longevity.


Choosing your colors is probably the most fun part of the whole project. If you are using a metal building for a business, you can match the colors of your logo to your building, or you can create a color scheme that is modern, conservative, or bold. Consider where the building is going – if you are in a traditional neighborhood, you may not want to go with a bold color scheme.


The roof of your metal building can be customized by design, either with a high or low steep or a barn style. Some things to consider when thinking about your roof would be the style you want and the climate. If you are in a region with a lot of snow, the top will have to handle much weight and have a slope where it can slide off.


The cost of your building comes down to labor and materials. Since it is a prefabricated structure, you don’t have to worry about additional charges or unexpected expenses. Since it is prefabricated, your labor cost is significantly lower; up to 40% lower. These factors, along with the longevity of your metal structure, meaning it is one of the cheapest options for you.


It is essential to consider insulating your metal structure, especially if you will have guests and customers inside. You want a comfortable temperature inside the building. Metal is conducive to heat, so you will want to keep the heat out on hot days. On the other hand, insulation will keep the heat in for you when it is colder outside. If you insulate correctly, this will also be significant energy savings for you.

Get Carports: The Top Choice for Custom Metal Buildings

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