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Create a Sports Complex with Metal Buildings

Create a Sports Complex with Metal Buildings

In the US, sports is a billion-dollar industry, with around 10,000 complexes across the states. Aside from their monetary value, they have much to offer athletes, both off and on the playing field. These facilities help foster growth, responsibility, and self-discipline in their players. All of these factors are essential parts of everyday life.

Additionally, they are a widely enjoyed form of entertainment. For those interested in selecting a more cost & time-effective building material with long-term benefits, a metal building is a fantastic option to meet your needs. After all, who wouldn’t want an inexpensive, durable, and environmentally-friendly building solution?

Read on to learn how a prefabricated steel building or a metal building kit will help you in realizing the sports complex of your dreams.

6 Positive Contributions a Metal Building Structure Can Offer

Sustainability and strength are two of the most discussed components among people looking to design a facility. Steel construction meets many of those needs, including:

Sustainable Building Solutions – On average, building materials for sports complexes aren’t all that sustainable. However, if you are interested in sourcing a less environmentally damaging material, the solution is clear as day; metal buildings are the way to go!

Steel construction leaves a lessened impact on the environment in total. When prefabricated, there is less waste and the need for tools that may potentially affect surrounding ecosystems. You will also reduce your scraps, therefore minimizing your contribution to existing wastes.

Versatile Design – Businesses are often limited in what they can change once a building is complete. There are too many factors at play that could lead to a complication that would be costly. Therefore, material selection is essential when creating a recreational building that you can modify after completing construction.

Metal buildings can contribute by allowing for post-production modification. Due to the lack of features and beams to consider, structure alterations are easy.

Material Durability – Steel is a very durable building material, making it ideal for various types of complexes. For buildings that will experience frequent use, such as recreational buildings, this is especially true. In addition, they are convenient, simple, and require little maintenance and upkeep.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, large metal buildings don’t require frequent repair, treatment, or inspection for rotting wood or pests. There is also no need to worry about moisture or extreme weather damage.

Less Repair – As previously noted, metal buildings are a durable material. Due to this, their repair needs will be less than average. Wood repair work can cost upwards of nine hundred dollars and will only climb exponentially from there.

That type of material typically needs more constant inspections to ensure safety and quality. With the possibility for moisture and rotting eliminated, custom metal buildings will require less work overtime, thus being more pocket-friendly.

Speed and Cost-Effectiveness – Metal buildings come with many benefits, including reduced waste, cheaper pricing, and a more basic setup. In addition, due to their prefabricated nature, you will reduce your average building time by a significant amount.

Additionally, the price per square foot tends to be five to ten dollars cheaper than wood, making for an overall affordable cost. This pricing is especially beneficial for people wanting to dump more of their funds into interior building features.

Multiple Uses – People often use clear span metal buildings for athletic purposes, but that is not all these multi-purposeful buildings can provide. These buildings work well for ceremonies, dances, events with large crowds, and camps, among many others. For all of these events, the open space with minimal limitations allows for additional people and equipment within the structure.

They may also house animals or equipment specifically in a barn or shed-style building. While you can obtain some of these advantages by using alternate building materials, you likely will not come across a material as all-encompassing as steel.

Keep These Things in Mind When You Consider Owning a Sports Complex

Before jumping into ownership or construction of a sports complex of any kind, there are a few important details to go over. These factors will help you in determining the legality and course of action for your metal building project.


When considering the construction of a complex in any town, you first need to learn the zoning laws that apply. These laws help keep cities running effectively, and it is mandatory to follow them. So be sure to research your cities zoning ordinances before starting your project.

Parking requirements

In addition to zoning laws within each city, you will also find rules to create adequate parking. Therefore, it is essential to create enough parking space for your desired type of building so that visitors have space and your building follows the laws.

Roof height

This specific law varies from place to place, so you should take extra care when looking into roof height laws. For example, buildings can’t exceed 40 feet tall in some areas, while larger complexes must fall below 12 floors.


To choose insulation that will work for your building, consider what factors are important to you and your price range. For example, do you want top-quality insulation regardless of the cost? Are you looking for something easy to apply on your own? Is fire resistance at the top of your list? Carefully consider all of your needs and research before selecting insulation.

Your business plan

Your plan will ultimately affect every aspect of your business, so it is essential to keep it in mind when making any major decisions. For example, the buildings’ purpose and activities will affect your location and sizing. Also, town regulations may affect your capabilities further, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Customization needs

Sports require unique facilities that can accommodate their playing field area and capacity needs. When deciding what size building to design, think back to your business plan and goals. Who do you expect to use this facility? Do your plans accommodate to their needs?

Alternate Uses for Your Sports Complex

While a sports arena is a great use of space within your building, many other options can be just as engaging and profitable. From a bustling arcade to a full-on bowling alley, the possibilities are endless. For family entertainment, consider establishing a trampoline park, laser tag arena, or bumper cars section.

If your target audience is adults looking for fun on the move, design a space fitting for a rope course or rock climbing tower. Other multi-purpose uses that will bring traffic to your business include meeting spaces, a restaurant, or a community space that sports clubs and organizations can utilize for a set amount of time.

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