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Cost Guide: Ins and Outs of Metal Garages

Cost Guide: Ins and Outs of Metal Garages

The Importance of a Metal Garage

Metal garages have many important purposes, such as protecting your vehicles and providing essential extra storage space for your home. Having a metal garage provides different benefits as opposed to having a wood garage.

They are overall more beneficial for the owner because they are more reliable than wood garages. Overall, metal garages are a better option for every owner, whether you’re looking for a simple and basic 2-car garage or a luxury 6-car garage.

Metal garages are resistant to the weather and any pesky bugs that may be looking to infest the structure. They are also much more cost-effective than garages made from other materials because they are low maintenance. Saving money here will give you more money to spend when looking into the various customization options that are open to you when you opt for a metal garage.

You get more options to customize your metal garage as opposed to any other garage as well, since other materials require intense engineering and architectural plans. On the other hand, metal buildings are easy to reconstruct in many different ways, making them open to your creative imagination when it comes to customization.

What Size is Right for You?

The options for size with metal garages are endless, and it can be intimidating when looking to choose the proper size. However, when you’re informed, you’ll be able to make the right decision about what type of garage works best for you and your needs. With all customization options available to you, you’ll surely find the right fit.

·  The Ideal Garage: Fit for You

When considering having a garage, you might be thinking of all of the different purposes the garage will serve for you. For example, are you looking to store your luxury cars in a clean, convenient space, or are you looking to get down and dirty while repairing dirt bikes and fixing cars for clients? Either way, space is completely yours, and when looking for a garage, the garage you customize should be your image of the ideal garage space.

·  The Minimum Dimensions for a Dual-Car Garage

Size is an important factor in the building of metal structures. It is one of the factors that makes picking metal structures for your building projects so great because it is easy to customize the size to your needs. The two-car garage is a simple concept really, and it is a garage that does exactly what its name implies, fits two cars. However, it doesn’t fit much more than just two cars. The recommended dimensions for a garage to fit two vehicles is 18’x20’, leaving very little room to house much else.

· Average Size of a Garage

The average dimensions of a metal garage measure in at 24’ x 30’. This dimension size gives you room for the average-sized car. These dimensions also give you ample space to fit some storage areas, as well as a few shelves. This is the ideal size for anyone who is looking to spend more time in their garage than just parking their car and departing into their home, such as spending time organizing storage space or fixing cars.

· Two-Car Garages: The Basics

Two-car garages are increasingly popular. They are extremely functional in your everyday life, and provide great versatility to provide you with a space to complete any project you may need. You can maximize your space by considering adding a second story, or taking advantage of an attic system. This will help you to have ample space for storage, while not sacrificing any more space on your land. You might even find yourself wanting to turn the upper level of your garage into a small living space!

· Cost of Construction

Sometimes prices can be scary when looking at all the different costs for construction. For a two-car garage, the price range goes from the lower end of $15,000 to the higher end of $27,000. The cost can be a little more expensive upfront, without considering the cost of a contractor and permits, but in the long run, this is the more cost-effective option when looking to build a garage.

Three Car Metal Garage

· Insulating a Prefabricated Metal Garage

Insulation is not always required for a prefabricated metal garage. However, there are some cases when it could be more beneficial than not. For example, it would serve you well to insulate your garage when you are looking to control the temperature of the inside of your garage. This will help keep costs lower when looking at your electricity bill because insulating helps keep your temperature regulated.

· Buying Your Dream Garage

Now that we’ve walked through the steps of picking out, customizing, and constructing your dream garage, it’s time to look at buying options. Buying your garage is simple and easy, all you need to do is find a contractor you like, getting an estimate. But, of course, you also have to look at your town’s laws when looking for a garage so that you can get your dream garage at the right price without any hassles.

Customizing Your Dream Garage

Once you’ve finalized the size of the garage you’re looking to buy, it’s time to move on to the part of the process that everyone looks forward to: Customization.

There are a few aspects to customizing your dream garage.

  1. Size: While you’ve likely already finalized the size of the garage you’re looking to get, there is a chance you’ve decided you need something a little larger. This would be the part of the process where you would request different dimensions to be adjusted to.
  2. Color: Different colors are available from different dealers. However, you could always just choose a blank canvas and paint your own color on it. The color you choose is sometimes the most exciting part of the process, because this really ties together your vision.
  3. Panels: The panels on your garage also add to the aesthetics of your garage. Panels are easily customizable as well, to give you the ability to freely customize the outside look of your metal garage. These panels are what give you the ability to choose from varieties of many different colors.
  4. Trim and anchors: The trim of the garage is important to tie everything together as well. Picking the right trim isn’t something that comes to most people’s heads at first, but it can make or break the look of the garage. The anchors are also important, as these are what provide stability to your structure.
  5. Gauges: You might not always think of the hinges on your garage door as adding to the aesthetic. However, yes, they add an aspect of beauty and added protection because choosing stronger gauges to hold your doors gives added stability. You can also choose ones that match inside and out.
  6. Roof styles: When picking your roof style, you have a lot of options. You have the classic option that comes with most garages, which is the regular-style roof. There are other options, such as the boxed-eave roof and the vertical roof design.
  7. Doors and windows: There are also many options when choosing your entryways and your windows. You get to choose the amount, size, and spacing of windows. You also get to choose if you want a door beside the standard garage doors you pull your car through.
  8. Lean-to: The lean-to garage adds another aspect of versatility, giving you an open shed-like space outdoors for any purpose you want. This addition adds another wall and roof-like structure to create the perfect open space, adding another carport or an outdoor workshop area.

Customization Rates

Customization is key when it comes to building your dream garage; however, it will cost more. This price difference is not usually factored into the typical cost of the garage, and as you go larger and start adding more adjustments, the labor cost may increase as well. This is important to keep in mind when drawing up your budget for the build, as it can run you more to add on fancier adjustments.

There is not a set price for the different customizations, and most companies will give you an estimate if you call and reach out to them, detailing what your ideal garage will include. Splurging now, however, eliminates costs in the future when it comes to customizing your existing build.

Get Carports is Here to Help You Customize at Affordable Prices

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