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Why Cold-Formed Steel Components Make Better Buildings

Why Cold-Formed Steel Components Make Better Buildings

Cold-formed steel components are widely used and highly regarded in the construction trade. This is because they offer the desirable benefits of steel with additional advantages that make buildings stronger and more durable than ever before. Cold-formed steel sections are not a new innovation – they have been around since the late 1800s and still offer the best solution for your building needs.


Cold-Formed Steel Framing
Cold-Formed Steel Framing


Tell Me More About Cold-Formed Steel

Cold-formed steel, otherwise known as CFS, is an umbrella term for any type of steel product that has been made through stamping, shaping, or rolling. The cold-formed steel building design is widely used across the country, with more buildings being made from it than ever before.

The term cold-formed steel framing will lead you to believe that each part is made in chilly temperatures. This is not the case! In fact, it is done at room temperature, which is significantly colder than the typical steel shaping temperatures. Forming steel at room temperature gives it an entirely different chemical makeup and means that the results are stronger, lighter, and durable than other options.


Cold-Formed Steel Building
Cold-Formed Steel Building


How Will My Cold-Formed Steel Building Actually Work?

Knowing that CFS is manufactured at room temperature, you may be keen to find out what parts of your building will be made using it and how it actually works. The simple answer is that any steel component can be made from the cold formation process.

The steel is rolled into sheets and is then formed into each part, ready for installation. Interestingly, at the start, cold-formed steel was mainly used for garages, barns, and carports, but it is now being used more widely in commercial, industrial, and residential properties too. The rise in popularity is due to the realization that cold-formed steel is far harder than any other type of steel.

The Reasons You Should Use a Cold-Formed Steel Building Design

The great news is that there are a huge number of benefits for anyone that decides to install a cold-formed steel building. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  1. Its strength – less steel will be needed to bear loads than any other building material, meaning you will pay less for your kit and get a better strength-building!
  2. Its stiffness – you can be confident that it will not crack or become deformed on its way to you or after installation.
  3. It will not catch on fire – this means safer buildings and lower insurance costs, saving you money and providing the peace of mind you need when going to sleep at night.
  4. It cannot be chewed through – meaning no animals making a nuisance of themselves or pests getting into the building and destroying your property or stored items.
  5. It will not corrode easily – this helps to prolong the life of the building so that you can enjoy it for longer even if you forgot to complete annual maintenance.
  6. It can withstand extreme weather – with both certified and non-certified buildings offering great strength and security, you can trust a cold-formed building to remain in-tact during a storm.
  7. It is environmentally friendly – steel buildings contain a large proportion of recycled steel, and when the building is no longer fit for purpose, you can recycle every part of it, reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the climate.
  8. It is durable – not only will your new building last for decades, but it also does not need extensive maintenance to make it last. Plus, it can be customized and added to even after it has been installed.
  9. It is lightweight – weighing up to 50% less than wooden parts, steel is cheaper to transport and easier to install. Meaning a better building for less money!

The Many Uses of Cold-Formed Steel

It is clear to see that using cold-formed steel components in your building is an obvious choice, but this material is more than just lightweight and durable. It is highly versatile too! As the construction world pushes forward, consumers across the world are demanding safer and more secure materials for their buildings, two evident features in cold-formed steel.

When you look at a new building, you will see cold-formed steel framing proudly holding up the building rather than the traditional wooden frames that we have gotten used to. The reason for this is that steel framing lasts longer and does not give way to rot or pests as the years go by.

In addition to cold-formed framing, you will also find CFS in the columns, load-bearing supports, roofing, and decking, as well as many other parts of a building. This wonder material is helping businesses and individuals get a longer life for their money than ever before and an easier maintenance schedule too!

Choosing Cold-Formed Steel for Your New Building

Here at Get Carports, we understand what it takes to build a cold-formed steel building that will withstand the pressures that life throws at it. From keeping you and your belongings safe during extreme weather to stopping pests from accessing your items, cold-formed steel is the way to go.

Our commitment to quality metal buildings has been at the heart of everything we do since we started out. We focus our efforts on making every customer happy because we understand the value that a metal building can offer.

With free delivery, installation, and ongoing advice, you are never alone when you buy a steel building from Get Carports. Plus, we guarantee our prices and take great pride in being one of America’s leading dealers, delivering to the majority of states without delay.

If you want to access our expertise, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer care team. We are ready to answer your questions and cannot wait to help you select the best building for your needs – call us today at (800) 691-5221 to get your quote.

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