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Clear Span Metal Buildings and How They Add More Value for Your Buck

Clear Span Metal Buildings and How They Add More Value for Your Buck

Clear Span Metal Buildings

Thanks to modern engineering breakthroughs and design capabilities, workshop metal buildings can function in ways previously never thought possible. For example, with clear span technology, steel buildings can be designed and constructed without needing internal support beams.

In the past, these support beams can be quite troublesome for some industrial and manufacturing facilities. They obstruct workflow, block larger pieces of equipment, and minimize your square footage capabilities. And, if you’ve ever operated such a facility, you already know how limiting these structural constraints can be for productivity.

But these issues of finding ample open square footage are now a thing of the past thanks to steel buildings like those erected with clear span engineering. Why? Keep reading as we investigate these fascinating structures and how they’re changing commerce around the world!

The Many Applications for Clear Span Metal Buildings

Clear Span structures make great commercial buildings! But how are these buildings being used in modern commercial applications? Let’s break it down and look at a few key industries that benefit from clear span steel buildings.

1. Commercial Uses

In recent years, steel construction has become one of the most popular ways to build an effective business due to its affordability, longevity, and quick construction. As such, they’re regularly used for:

a) Restaurants

Eateries and restaurants regularly use steel buildings for their infrastructure, thanks to their cost-effective design and easy customizability. As a result, they can be customized to include kitchen spaces, dining rooms, bathroom facilities, and all the trappings of a successful restaurant- all the while without breaking the bank in the process.

b) Churches

Worship centers use clear span buildings for their open square footage and adaptable design. It makes them a fantastic option for worship spaces, gathering halls, and public event centers.

c) Retail Stores

Finding a building that’s capable of simultaneously providing both inventory space and display room is either frustratingly difficult or exceedingly expensive. At least until clear span buildings entered the market, these versatile buildings make fantastic retail shops, grocery stores, or storefronts.

d) Automotive Shops

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of needing your car repaired, you’re probably accustomed to seeing steel buildings used in this industry. And for a good reason! Clear span structures offer extensive square footage and the versatility to design multiple repair bays, waiting rooms, and retail sections for your automotive business.

2. Industrial Uses

It’s no surprise that clear span technology has taken the modern industrial sector by storm. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few settings where these structures excel.

a) Manufacturing Facilities

Operating a successful manufacturing facility requires, at a minimum, thousands of square feet of available room. Luckily, clear span buildings have that to offer in spades, giving these businesses all the space they need for large-scale production facilities. From textiles to assembly plants, clear span gets it done!

b) Warehouses

One of the most crucial facets of any warehouse is the space it provides. After all, warehousing businesses make their living by delivering industrial-sized storage options. And, thanks to clear span structures, this can be accomplished with a fraction of the overhead required in traditional building types.

3. Agricultural Uses

Clear span technology is fundamental to the American agriculture industry, where they’re regularly used for livestock shelters, feed storage facilities, and equipment storage. Here are just a few areas of this industry that relies on the benefits of steel.

a) Horse Barns

If you own horses, you already know how expensive keeping them fed and maintained can be. But with a clear span agriculture building, you can design your very own horse stable. These versatile buildings can even be adapted with stalls, lighting, washrooms, tack houses, and more!

b) Feed Storage Buildings

One common issue for many farmers is pests. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wood-boring insects like termites or pesky rodents; farmers have a tough time keeping their food supplies and crops safe. But since metal buildings are designed from galvanized steel, they’re naturally pest-resistant!

c) Riding Arenas and Equestrian Facilities

Thanks to the enormous open square footage clear span buildings offer, they’re the go-to choice for many riding arenas and equestrian training facilities!

4. Recreational Uses

Believe it or not, clear span buildings are even popular in recreational settings! You’ll regularly see them utilized for:

a) Entertainment Facilities

Whether you’re designing a home movie theater or crafting a world-class game room, clear span metal buildings are a great, cost-effective choice that can save you tremendous amounts of money throughout its life.

b) Outdoor Event Centers

From outdoor concert halls to picnic shelters, large metal buildings are a fantastic choice that allows owners to use them in almost any setting. The only limits here are your budget and your imagination!

c) Sports Facilities

It doesn’t matter whether you’re crafting a basketball court or an indoor baseball center, clear span buildings have the strength to deliver! But, thanks to their affordability and quick construction times, these structures are often used to make recreational sports more accessible in colder weather.

The Benefits of Owning a Clear Span Metal Building

As we’ve iterated several times, there seems to be an almost endless list of benefits to owning a clear span structure. Some of these benefits include:

1. Extra Space for Storage

Finding ample storage room is difficult in modern times. But with a clear span steel building, you’ll have all the space you could ever need for protecting your vehicles, equipment, or valuables from the elements.

2. Added Flexibility

Your metal building can function in any capacity or industry, making them perfect for just about any setting. This gives them the functionality to work well in mixed-use capacities while needing minimal prep or repair.

3. Sustainable Construction

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable? Not only do steel buildings carry a much smaller carbon footprint compared to stick-built structures, but they can also be melted down and used again and again with no effect on their strength or quality!

4. Spacious Interiors

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another structure type capable of offering the open interior space that a clear span building can provide. And if you can, you can assume it will be far more expensive than any steel structure!

5. Built to Last

Since these structures are manufactured using galvanized steel, they’re naturally resistant to many different elemental factors that cause issues over time. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about moisture penetration, oxidation, pests, or fires with a clear span structure.

6. Low Maintenance

Not only are steel buildings built to last longer than other construction types, but they’re also crafted to need fewer repairs. You’ll save tons of money each time, and you won’t have to shell out cash for expensive roof or structural repairs!

Get Carports Has the Clear Span Technology You Need!

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