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Classic Metal Carports vs. Utility Carports: Which is Right for You?

Classic Metal Carports vs. Utility Carports: Which is Right for You?

Selecting the right building to invest in can be challenging. From evaluating your unique needs to sifting through the overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips, choosing the best building for your applications can be quite the process.

When it comes to classic metal carports and utility carports, this decision can become even murkier due to the similarities the two share. Get Carports is committed to helping you determine which building is right for your needs and customize that building to your exact specifications, especially when it comes to classic metal carports and metal utility carports.

For more information on the similarities and differences between classic and utility metal carports, which is right for you, and how Get Carports can help, read on!

Exploring the Differences Between Classic Metal and Utility Carports

These two metal building types share several characteristics that make either a fantastic option. They’re strong, durable, customizable, long-lasting, and feature an abundance of other positive traits. It’s truly hard to go wrong when it comes to metal buildings.

They do, however, have a few key differences that may make one better for your needs than the other. We’ve listed some of those differences below, so read on to help determine which is right for you!

Wider Potential

There is no doubt that both classic steel carports and utility carports are versatile buildings with nearly limitless potential. However, thanks to their hybrid design that takes the open-sided feature of a classic carport and combines it with an attached walled section, utility carports do hold the edge in potential.

The enclosed space associated with a utility carport provides the safety and security that a classic carport design cannot. In a way, it takes the best of both worlds—the openness and flexibility of a classic carport and the enclosed space of a building—and melds them flawlessly.

Building Integration

Both classic and steel utility carports can be integrated into another building, such as your home. The advantages of this feature are numerous and hard to overstate. For example, you can easily access your vehicle without having to fight the weather. This keeps you dry and your vehicle safe from the elements.

Utility carports have the advantage in this respect, too, as you can utilize the enclosed utility space as a transition between your home and your metal carport. This helps reduce temperature fluctuations, allows you to store items in a convenient location, create a guest room, or enjoy any other number of possible applications.


Given the wall-less design of both classic and utility carports, both provide a comparable level of security. However, a steel utility carport does give you enclosed space, so if you plan to store tools or other carport-related items, opting for a utility carport may be for the best.


Unlike traditional wooden structures, metal carports and utility carports require little to no maintenance. While utility carports do add additional enclosed space to the classic metal carport design, this does little to change the amount and type of maintenance required. As such, the lack of maintenance should be something you enjoy with either design rather than a deciding factor!


One of the primary benefits of all metal buildings is its impressive flexibility and ability to be customized. Both classic metal carports and utility carports benefit from this trait, giving you tremendous control over the features and functionality of your building.

That being said, the benefits of a utility carport’s design extend to customization, ultimately giving you more choices and options than you would have with a classic carport. You can select the location of the enclosed space and other details related to it, whereas a classic carport limits your customizations to the main structure.

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