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Beautiful Color Combinations for Custom Metal Buildings in Arizona

Beautiful Color Combinations for Custom Metal Buildings in Arizona

Arizona comes by its love of colors quite naturally. From the breathtaking Havasu Falls to the all-encompassing vista of the Grand Canyon, from the vibrant arts scene of Phoenix to the desert sunsets, Arizona is a natural work of art. It is home to many national parks and monuments. Tourists from all over the world come to gaze in wonder at the Earth’s offerings in this, the sixth largest state of the U.S.

A building owner in Arizona will undoubtedly have a strong sense of style when it comes to choosing colors for their structure. In a climate so full of artistic life, no simple gray box will do. Get Carports provides an incredible palette of colors to choose from, so Arizona building owners can express their aesthetic in a variety of ways!

Color Combinations for Custom Metal Buildings in Arizona

Are you shopping for your custom metal building? Perhaps, you’ve already chosen the perfect layout! The right color scheme can make it shine. Choosing the perfect colors can be more difficult than you may imagine.

Experimenting with our 3D designer and exploring our tips will help you achieve the look you want!

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Get Carports offers so many color combinations for you to explore! Whether your taste runs to a bold, high-contrast look or soft, neutral tones, we’ve got you covered – literally!

For example, our cobalt blue panels against bright white trim achieve a crisp and modern appearance. If you prefer the traditional barn look, a deep red body with off-white trim is a popular combination. This classic combination is particularly charming on a rural property.

These combination ideas are only the beginning! When you select colors for your custom building in Arizona, the bright, blue sky is the limit. Here are more tips to assist you:


Start by thinking about the overall look you want – How do you envision your building? Think of other buildings you’ve seen that you admired. What was it about that structure that appealed to you? Was it a neutral structure that blended with its natural surroundings? Was it a bright spot of color that drew the eye?

The location and use of your building will influence your color choice – Research your local zoning codes and HOA by laws, if there are any. The fact is, some municipalities have rules governing colors! While you may be dreaming in bold accents, your local board may have a more specific palette in mind.

Don’t overlook the importance of your roof color– Like icing on a cake, your roof will set the tone of your building. Our roofs can come in different colors, and this decision will impact the overall appearance of your structure.

Consider color for energy savings – How can a color impact your energy bill? Well, a light-colored roof will reflect sunlight. This will limit the amount of heat that your building will absorb and limit your AC bill!

Consider the neighborhood – Do you want your building to stand out or blend in? Are you looking to draw attention or keep up with a historic aesthetic? How do your colors choices compare with those around you?

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Get Carports Brings Artistic Color to Arizona

Get Carports provides the best metal building options to Arizona! We bring the best colors, the best financing, and the best customer service, too. No matter how you envision your custom metal building, our expert building specialists will design and deliver it! You deserve the best – and Get Carports is the best! Call today at (800) 691-5221, and get the beautiful, colorful building you desire!

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