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8 Ways to Use Steel and Metal Storage Buildings for Illinois Agriculture

8 Ways to Use Steel and Metal Storage Buildings for Illinois Agriculture

Illinois is a crucial state when it comes to agriculture. With 75,000 farms spread out across 76% of the state, this region contributes heavily to the nation’s food supply. With commodities like corn, soybeans, hogs, beef, and dairy products, Illinois produces more than $20 billion annually. That’s a ton of food!

Illinois farms, on average, take up roughly 375 acres. Most are dedicated to grain and corn production, but others are known for specialty crops such as alfalfa, fish, and emus. This makes it challenging to narrow down exactly how steel storage buildings help these industries. But with the sheer versatility of steel construction, there’s no doubt that these structures are up to the task.

8 Agricultural Uses for Metal Buildings in Illinois

Many industries in Illinois utilize metal structures for their agriculture businesses. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the different uses for the highly adaptable buildings:

Livestock Shelter: If you own animals, you know full-well that they need a comfortable place to bed down when the weather gets too rough. Whether it’s sweltering heat in the summer months or bitter cold during the winter, metal buildings make excellent shelters for your livestock.

Supplies: Farmers utilize many different tools and supplies, and having a good storage spot is crucial to running a successful operation. Metal buildings are a fantastic cost-effective option to keep tools out of the rain and are good to go any day of the week.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery: Operating an agricultural installation is a big business! And sometimes, that business requires the use of heavy machinery. These tractors, combine and plow, all need to be stored away from the elements.

Crop Storage: To make the most of your yields, they need to be properly stored. Refrigerated buildings are one of the premier ways of keeping products fresh until they can reach the market.

Farmhouses: Not only are these buildings great as barns and livestock shelters but they can also easily be customized and finished to make beautiful homes. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a modern yet traditional-looking home that will last for years, you’ve come to the right place!

Recreation Areas: If you’re planning a family get-together or a barbeque, having an enclosed space will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather is outside.

Commercial Establishments: In addition to making wonderful agricultural buildings, steel structures and metal building kits can also be used for storefronts and retail facilities. They function well for farmer’s markets and grocery stores, too!

Industrial Applications: Once food products have left the farm, they are generally transported to warehouses and industrial facilities to be properly packaged and sent to market. Even these facilities use metal buildings to keep products safe until they reach your table!

Customize Your Agricultural Storage Building to Meet Your Needs

One of the best things about our storage buildings and metal building kits is their sheer customizability. No matter what you need them for, they can be tailored to your every whim. From the paneling and windows down to the trim, you can make it your way. Let’s look at just a few options available to you:

Paneling: You have several paneling options available to you, each with its own benefits and aesthetics.

Roofing Systems: Get Carports offers three different roofing types to meet your needs. These roofs each have their own look, feel, and advantages when it comes to holding up against Mother Nature.

Windows & Doors: We have tons of choices available to you, from standard windows and doors to larger garage doors to accommodate recreational vehicles and motorhomes. And if you want to install your own custom doors in your building, we’ll even frame out the paneling for you!

Trim: You can even adjust the trim type and color, giving your agricultural building another layer of sophistication. You can even add wainscoting to go that extra mile!

Colors: Everyone knows that colors can make or break a new building! That’s why we’re giving you a ton of color options! Make your new building stand out in the crowd!

Kits: We also sell metal storage building kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our standard structures, except you install it yourself on your own time! They’re perfect for those that want a DIY project or simply don’t have the time to wait for an installation crew.

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Get Carports is proud to offer a wide range of metal buildings across the state of Illinois. No matter where you call home, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a strong, long-lasting structure that can take just about anything you throw at it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a farmer that needs a new raised metal barn or a business owner that’s hoping to open a new retail store; these structures are a fantastic cost-effective option.

So, if you’ve been thinking about adding a new metal building to your property, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of skilled building experts are waiting to help you design, customize, and install the steel structure you need. Give us a call today at (800) 691-5221, and let us provide you with a free quote on a new metal barn!

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