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5 US States: Must-Have RV Carports – Know Sizes and Purpose

5 US States: Must-Have RV Carports – Know Sizes and Purpose

There are many reasons why people purchase RV carports. Carports protect from the sun, rain, snow, and other natural elements. They can also offer a sense of security for your vehicle or RV investment by keeping it hidden away in a durable space.

It can also provide storage space and a place for you to park your RV. Depending on where you live, there may be different options to choose from when finding the best carport for your needs.

5 US States that Must Have RV Carports

While it is a good idea for everyone to have a carport, there are five states where an RV carport is a must:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • California
  • Arizona

Let us look at why they are essential for each of these states in a bit more detail;

1.   Florida

Besides being a major tourist attraction, it also has all year round and subtropical weather, which means that cars are out on the roads anytime day or night. The state also experiences heavy rainfalls and hurricane-force winds, so having an RV carport will protect your RV from torrential downpours and strong winds.

Florida is also an expensive state to live in, so having a carport will help you save money on vehicle storage fees. In addition, RVs are already oversized vehicles that take up more space than your average sedan or station wagon, so having a metal carport is an ideal option for Florida residents.

RV wagon

Florida is one of the most popular RV destinations in America. This state has the second-highest number of RV’s per capita, so it only makes sense that they would have some of the best options for finding a good carport for your needs.

2.   Texas

If you live in Texas, then having an RV carport is a must because of the strong winds that you experience there. Texas residents should have an RV carport to protect their recreational vehicles from damaging high-speed gusts and wind currents, often in this area.

Many Texas insurance companies will give discounts if your vehicle has a cover or protection against rain, so this is a bonus of owning a steel carport. Furthermore, Texas has the third-highest number of RV’s per capita in America, so it makes sense that they would offer more options when looking for an RV carport.

Texas is also famous for water sports and boating. With any residents owning this equipment, they must have a metal RV carport to protect them from the potential dangers and damage these activities can cause. A Texas RV Cover is also an ideal option for storing your boat when you are not using it, which means more savings on storage fees!

3.   Arizona

If you live in Arizona, purchasing an RV carport is a must because of the low cost and high quality. Arizona is home to some major cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Sedona, which means that many people live in this state at all times of the year, so having an RV carport will protect your vehicle from natural elements such as rain or snow. Arizona also has some of the most affordable prices on RV carports in America.

This state is perfect for people who enjoy living a more carefree lifestyle. Many cities are considered “open-air” communities with desert landscaping and very few trees or coverings to protect from natural elements. Purchasing an RV carport will help reduce the potential damages that can occur.

4.   California

If you live in California, purchasing an RV carport is a must because of its natural elements and unpredictable weather changes.

Being on the West Coast means that residents will experience strong winds, heavy rainfalls, foggy days, and sometimes snow conditions during the winter months. This makes it very important to have a carport that will protect your recreational vehicle from these natural elements.

5.   South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina, purchasing an RV carport is a must because of its unpredictable weather and strong winds. Unfortunately, hurricanes are also frequent in this region of the country. South Carolina residents are exposed to various natural elements, so they must have an RV carport for protection from these forces and potential damages.

South Carolina is also famous for its beautiful beaches and recreational boating. It is a popular vacation destination. Taking these into consideration, RV carports are a very important must-have for those living in the Palmetto State.

RV cover

Customize an RV Carport to Meet Your Needs

RV carports come in several sizes and customization options. Here are a few of the choices you can expect:

  • 30x45x9 A-Frame Vertical Roof Carport
  • 18x30x9 A-Frame Vertical Roof Side Entry Certified Carport
  • 30x21x12 Regular Style Carport
  • 26x25x8 A-Frame Horizontal Carport
  • 20x41x12 Certified Carport

All of these sizes will give you customization options and will be big enough to protect all the items you choose to store in them.

Benefits and Functions of RV Carports

The benefits of RV carports can be countless, but here are a few of the reasons to consider one:

  • Versatility – RV carports come in all different shapes, sizes, and structural designs. You can find one to fit any need you have, whether protected from the elements or storage space.
  • Protection – RV carports offer various benefits for your recreational vehicle since we design them with like steel which will protect it from natural elements.
  • Durability – RV carports can withstand strong winds, rain, and snow without any problems.
  • Cost – RV carports are much more affordable than you may realize, so they’re an excellent investment for your vehicle.
  • Ease of assembling – RV carports are easier to assemble than you may think and will take less time.

There is no shortage of benefits for RV carports, so find the perfect one today!

There are many uses for RV carports other than just protecting your RV. Here are a few of the many options you can use your carport for:

  • Metal Carport as Pet or Livestock Shelter
  • Metal Carport as Employee Break Area
  • Metal Carport for Outdoor Events
  • Metal Carport as Man Cave
  • Metal Carport as Greenhouse

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