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Insuring Coastal Livelihoods With South Carolina Steel Buildings

The Palmetto State, also known as South Carolina, is one of the thirteen original colonies in the United States of America. This beautiful southeastern state was born into The Union in 1788 just shy of six months after the first inductee, Delaware. Although not the first to enter, they were the first to secede from The Union in 1860 in protest of the views of the entering presidential beliefs put forth by Abraham Lincoln. Civil War followed, and South Carolina played in integral part in the South’s overall stance of separation, before being readmitted in 1868.

Again in 1920, although not on the level of disbanding from the
rest of the nation, South Carolina once again exerted her stubbornness in rejecting the Nineteenth Amendment, which allowed women to vote. Other states provided the support to ratify the amendment so it moved forward without their vote. They did not ratify the amendment on their own until 1969.

South Carolina is bordered to the north by North Carolina and to the South and West by the state of Georgia. Its entire East Coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, making it a sun-filled vacation getaway for golfers, families and Spring Break enthusiasts traveling across the country. Hot and humid in nature, the daytime temperatures reach the low nineties, with nightly lows dropping to the middle seventies. Although winter temperatures are mild, measuring an average of sixty degrees, South Carolina is not immune to freezing temperatures which have brought snow, sleet, and unfriendly conditions to those who are used to warmer weather.

Agriculturally sound, the great state of South Carolina thrives economically in tobacco, soybeans, hay and rice, while developing as a front runner in livestock production with poultry, cattle and swine output. They also develop textiles, paper and chemical products, as well as automotive parts. Their location affords the hospitality industry great revenue as tourism abounds from the north shore all the way to the south.

Because of the state’s versatile make-up in weather conditions, its coastal inhabitants can benefit from the use of South Carolina carports to protect their vehicles from the hot sun, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes that make their way to their state each year. With over fifty days of thunderstorms throughout the year, windy conditions and hail are not anomalies. Both can damage vehicles, boats and watercrafts such as jet skis without warning. Storing these items in South Carolina metal buildings will keep them safe from the elements, as well as supply security from theft and vandalism.
With a number of tourists entering and exiting the state at all times, it is important to South Carolinians that their investments remain safe at all times, which is why they rely on South Carolina steel buildings to provide ample storage space for all of their water related toys. Boaters and fishermen are not the only audiences who can benefit from US steel buildings in South Carolina, some other advantages include:

• Protection from the Elements, including Rain, Sun, Tropical Cyclones & Hurricanes
• Designated Fish Cleaning Area & Gear Storage
• Notable Storage for Surf & Boogie Boards, Lawn Furniture and Beach Gear
• Secure Storage for Farm & Manufacturing Equipment
• Airy Preparation Area for Tobacco Drying & Storage
• Safe Depository for Animal Feed
• Dry and Practical Storage for Hay & Rice
• Perfect for Car, Boat, Jet Ski & Kayak Storage
• May Decrease Insurance Premiums

South Carolina steel buildings provide a low maintenance, inexpensive alternative to rented storage, and can be built to customized specifications, or easily assembled from pole barn kits. Dependable security is imperative to the livelihoods of those who live in a Coastal State. Allow South Carolina metal buildings to provide that protection for you, and all of your worldly possessions without fail.See our Metal Building promotions for South Carolina

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