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Monday, 07 January 2013 13:37

Barns in Arkansas

Metal Barns Delivered and installed anywhere in Arkansas for as low as $4,380.00 plus tax (30'x21'x12' regular style)

We offer 3 Barn styles: Regular style barns, A-Frame style barns, and Straight roof style barns. 

Regular style red horse hay barn (2) a-frame metal hay horse barn (2) Straight Roof Barn (2)

These barns are built from the finest steel in industry. Our metal tubing comes in 12 or 14 gauge and is double galvanized. 

*12 gauge tubing upgrade (from standard 14 ga.)

*Leg height extenstions

*length and width extenstions

*Closing side walls

*Closing end walls

*Vertical side Upgrades

*Vertical end Upgrades

*Gabled ends

*Certification for snow loads up to 60 lbs per sqft.

*Certification for wind loads up to 120 mph winds.

*Extra Frame Bows

*Extra Panels

*Extra Braces

*Mobile Home anchors

*Cement ground anchors

*Concrete Anchor bolts

*Optional Ground Concrete Supports (recommended for carports taller than 8ft)

*Pin Anchors

*Walk in Doors

*Garage Doors (Roll up)

*Roll-up Commercial doors with Chain


*Cupola ridge top

*Colonial Siding style upgrade