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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 11:38

Returns, Cancellations and Refund Policy

Policy for products:   Coast-to-Coast Carports, T-N-T Carports, T-N-T Metal Buildings, American Steel Carports, American Carports

In order to be very clear with all customers, we go over our policy throughout several steps of our ordering process.

  1. When the order is placed, verbally by telephone.
  2. Calls may be recorded and placed on file for any question.
  3. At the bottom of every page of our website, under Disclosures & Legal.
  4. In the emailed order receipt, detailing our policies, which we retain a carbon-copy
      of to keep as proof that customers receive the order receipt.

OUR REFUND POLICY:, does not offer a refunds on canceled orders because every order placed is a special order.  When ordering, you agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract which includes our no refund policy. In addition, phone customers where read the following no refund policy before they placed thier orders.

“The order you are placing today may be canceled.  If you do cancel, your initial down payment that you are putting towards your order today is not refundable.  The reason the down payment is non refundable is because it goes towards the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order today.  It is our customer’s responsibility to know if they need a permit or not, before they place their order. In the event that you do cancel the order you are putting in today, the down payment will be lost since it is used towards the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order today. A good faith effort will be made, but not guaranteed to complete your order within 60 days. By ordering today, you are agreeing to our policy.”  

There are absolutely no exceptions to our refund policy.  It is up to the customer to work with the manufacturer to setup delivery, installation, etc.  At no time is the sales office ( responsible for unexpected circumstances due to manufacturer.  If circumstances arise, it is the responsibility of the customer to work that out with the manufacturer solely, not  Even if the customer cancels the order and refuses delivery and/or installation, our services preformed are for the preparation, paperwork and processing of the order, not towards the product itself.

In order to show good faith with our refund policy, will retain a store credit for the amount of down payment paid at the time of order.  That store credit may be used towards the future down payment of a future order placed with our company.  The store credit must be used within three (2) years or the credit will be forfeited. is not responsible for any manufacturers guarantees, warranties, installation issues, delivery times, and any other unforeseen problem(s) that could arise throughout the process of delivery, shipping and/or installation. will work in good faith with the customer and the manufacturer to assist in resolving issues if any develop as long as both parties are giving reasonable and conscious effort to resolve the issue. takes great pride in selling the featured brands but are only hold responsibilities of a "dealer" for these manufacturers.  As a dealer, resolves the right to hold down payment(s) made to to be non-refundable because the down payment is considered for the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order, not towards the actual product itself.