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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 11:25

General Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

The bottom line is that you'll know the bottom line. We build the exact carport you want and you know exactly how much you'll pay for it.  The pricing on the carport configurator may vary, we hold no responsibility or represent any obligations for any possible technical problems and/or errors in pricing.  Once your carport order is placed through the carport configurator, it will be processed pending approval from management, until then we have the right to refuse any order for any reason and also hold the right to change pricing at any time prior to order confirmation.  (example:  if you get a carport estimate, the next day the price may be different if we have a sale or price increase)  It's not likely that there will be any differences, this is purely our disclaimer just in case.

Orders through manufactures must be confirmed by the manufacturers district office before being accepted. will notify customers within 3 weeks of placing order if there are any pricing differences or bracing recommendations.  In some cases there many be differences in pricing due to some areas requiring extra bracing or certification.  This rarely happens but it is a possibility.  Rest assured that customer's interest is priority.  In order to better server it's customers, contact the manufacturer's district office (according to local order placed) to confirm pricing and order details within 24 business hours of order being taken incase there are any pricing differences of the special order item.

Taxes are applicable to all units that are delivered and installed sales because the manufacturer delivers and installs the product for you.