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Winter Storage for Motorcycles: How to Protect Your Ride

Winter Storage for Motorcycles: How to Protect Your Ride

The Ride is Over for Now

As the days grow shorter and the chill in the air becomes more pronounced, motorcycle enthusiasts reluctantly face the reality of winter’s approach. However, the off-season doesn’t mean neglecting your beloved two-wheeled companion.

In this blog, we’ll explore some fantastic storage tips to help make sure your ride survives its winter hibernation. From keeping it covered with a metal garage to properly winterizing your bike for the cold snap, we have some great information that can help keep your motorcycle looking new for years to come.

Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Winter is hard on any piece of equipment. Your motorcycle will be no different. As such, it’s important to know how to prepare your bike for the oncoming chill. Let’s look at how to winterize your motorcycle:

Clean Your Bike

Before tucking your motorcycle away for the winter, give it a thorough cleaning. Remove any dirt, bugs, or road grime that may have accumulated during your last ride. Pay special attention to the nooks and crannies where moisture can hide, as trapped moisture can lead to rust and corrosion. A clean motorcycle not only looks better but is also less prone to damage during storage.

Check Fluids and Fuel

Inspecting and maintaining your motorcycle’s fluids is a critical step in the winterization process. Change the oil and filter to remove any contaminants that may have built up during the riding season. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the treated fuel reaches the carburetor or fuel injection system. This prevents fuel from breaking down and causing issues when you’re ready to ride again.

Preserve the Battery

Batteries can lose their charge over time, especially during periods of inactivity. To preserve your motorcycle’s battery during winter storage:

  • Charge the Battery: Use a quality battery charger or maintainer to ensure the battery remains charged. This is particularly important for motorcycles with modern electronics that draw power even when the bike is not in use.
  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Avoid extreme temperatures by storing the motorcycle in a cool, dry place, like metal garages or climate-controlled storage buildings. Excessive heat or cold can affect the battery’s performance and longevity.

Inflate the Tires

Proper tire care is crucial for preventing flat spots and maintaining tire integrity. Before storing your motorcycle:

  • Check Tire Pressure: Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Properly inflated tires will help prevent flat spots and maintain their shape over the winter.
  • Rotate the Tires: If possible, roll the motorcycle forward or backward periodically to distribute the weight and prevent flat spots from forming.

Ensure Proper Coverage

Protecting your motorcycle from the elements is essential for its longevity. A great way of doing this is with metal garages, carport covers, or storage units. These steel buildings are a long-lasting, cost-effective way to keep your bike in top shape year-round.

Motorcycle Winter Storage Solutions

As we’ve mentioned, keeping your motorcycle out of the elements is one of the biggest ways to protect it during the off-season. Harmful UV rays, high winds, dirt, and debris conspire to deteriorate anything exposed. But keeping your bike protected isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all project. In fact, there are several ways to house your motorcycle:

Outdoor Metal Sheds

These compact structures are designed to withstand the elements and shield your bike from rain, snow, and harsh winds. While outdoor metal sheds may not offer the same level of protection as enclosed garages, they are an excellent option for riders looking for a budget-friendly and space-efficient solution.

Metal Garages

For those seeking maximum protection, metal garages are a top-tier choice for winter motorcycle storage. These fully enclosed structures provide a secure, weatherproof environment, shielding your bike from even the harshest winter conditions. Metal garages offer superior durability, strength, and security, making them ideal for safeguarding your motorcycle against theft, extreme weather, and other potential hazards.

Storage Buildings

Storage buildings are also versatile options for winter motorcycle protection. These structures come in many sizes and designs, providing ample space to store your motorcycle and additional equipment and gear.

RV Covers

While primarily designed for recreational vehicles, RV covers can also serve as effective motorcycle protection during the winter. These large, weather-resistant covers are available in different sizes, allowing you to find one suitable for your motorcycle. RV covers provide an extra layer of defense against the elements, shielding your bike from rain, snow, and UV rays.

Combination Buildings

Combination buildings offer the best of both worlds by combining enclosed storage space with an open covered area. The enclosed section provides protection from the elements, while the open area allows for easy access and additional storage. These structures are an excellent choice for motorcycle owners who want the benefits of both covered and open storage space.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Shelter for Your Needs

What type of shelter do you need? If you’re unsure where to start or what to look for, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to choose the best structure type for your needs:

How Much Space Do You Need?

Consider the number of motorcycles you own and whether you need extra room for accessories, gear, or tools. Measure the dimensions of your motorcycles, taking into account any modifications or add-ons. This information will guide you in selecting a shelter that provides adequate space without being overly spacious or restrictive.

What is Your Budget?

Your budget is a key factor in the decision-making process. Motorcycle shelters come in various price ranges, and understanding your budget constraints will help narrow down your options. While it’s tempting to opt for the most affordable option, remember that investing in a durable and secure shelter is a long-term investment in your motorcycle’s protection.

Do You Require Additional Storage?

Beyond sheltering your motorcycle from the elements, consider whether you need additional storage space for tools, equipment, or other items.

Why Metal Sheds and Buildings Are Your Best Storage Option

You can take many avenues to store your bike away for the winter. Not all of them offer the same level of protection, however. Let’s look at what metal buildings and metal garages offer that other construction options don’t:

Unmatched Strength

Steel sheds and metal garages are renowned for their strength against high winds and heavy snow accumulation, giving you a reliable building that works in almost any environment.

Simple Installation

Unlike wooden construction, metal buildings can be installed quickly and efficiently. You can even take on the project yourself with DIY metal building kits.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a material that outlasts steel.

Resistant to Mold, Mildew, and Rust

Metal garages and steel buildings are naturally resistant to mold growth, mildew, and corrosion, saving you time and money on repair and maintenance.


Metal garages are a far more sustainable option than wooden alternatives. Steel is 100% recyclable and carries a much smaller carbon footprint, allowing you to protect your motorcycle while remaining ecologically conscious.

Looking for a Metal Garage to Protect Your Ride? Let the Experts at Get Carports Help

Whether you’re looking for a carport cover for your bike or designing a fully enclosed storage building to house several vehicles, Get Carports has you covered with a wide lineup of metal structures to suit any need. We have years of industry expertise and can help you find the ideal structure for your vehicle.

Our buildings are built using modern engineering techniques, giving you unparalleled control over the look and feel of your structure. Design a small metal storage building for a single bike, or plan a large metal garage to house multiple vehicles. There is no limit when you’re working with the strength and flexibility of steel.

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