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Why Does Metal Building Site Preparation Matter?

Why Does Metal Building Site Preparation Matter?

Digging Up All the Dirt About Prefab Metal Buildings

After you’ve designed your ideal metal building, had the plans drawn up and completed your order, the next step is to prepare the job site for a structure to be installed. But without a well-executed plan and proper groundwork, the structural integrity of your building could be compromised. In this article, we’ll be going over the steps required to properly prepare your site for a new install.

Consequences of a Poorly Prepared Site for Metal Building Installation

If your steel building site is not properly prepared for a new building to be assembled, your new project could easily turn into a nightmare. And not only is it crucial to have the site prepared correctly, but it’s also important that you obtain all required building permits. By not staying compliant with all local and state codes, you might experience some of the following horrors:

  • Fines or Citations
  • Deconstruction
  • Removal of Structure
  • Inability to Later Sell Property
  • Serious Injuries
  • Claims Against Insurance

Getting to the Nitty Gritty

  • Building Permit – The first step to preparing for your new prefab metal building to be installed is to check with your local building department and zoning code in regard to permits and codes. It’s crucial that you stay compliant with all requirements because if you don’t, you may be required to take the unit down or pay a large amount of fines.
  • Site Location – After you’ve gotten approval from your zoning office and building department, you can choose the location for the structure to be installed. The ideal location will be somewhere with plenty of available space in case of extensions or additions to the unit, as well as somewhere with easy access.
  • Groundwork – Once you’ve chosen the ideal site for assembly, you’ll need to make sure it’s clear of all stumps, trees, vegetation, rocks and any other blockade. It’s also your responsibility as the customer to inform the installers of any gas lines, sewer lines and power lines below or above the installation site.
  • Foundation – The final step is to have the foundation set for your structure to be installed on. Whether you’ve chosen a gravel foundation, concrete or asphalt, you’ll need to make sure it’s level and ready for a new building. This could compromise the integrity of your structure if it’s not properly prepared, so be sure to ask questions if you have any.

Start Your Metal Building Project with Get Carports

We know how exciting it can be to get your very own steel building, but don’t become so excited and overwhelmed that you forget to properly prepare your site for the structure. Be sure to follow each step and you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free prefab metal building. If you have any questions about site preparation, feel free to reach out to us at +1 800 691-5221 for more information.

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