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Unraveling the Truth About Metal Buildings

Unraveling the Truth About Metal Buildings

Busting All Steel Building Myths and Misconceptions!

Metal buildings have been around for quite some time now, being used for a variety of residential, agricultural and commercial purposes. But despite their growing popularity, there are still a few myths and misconceptions that may keep you from investing in one for your next project. While each of these myths may have a sound of truth to them, they aren’t based on hard, cold facts. In this blog, we’ll be unraveling the truth about our prefab metal buildings and debunking 8 common myths.

The True Tale of Metal Buildings

With so much information about prefab metal buildings out there, it’s easy to believe these myths. But we’re here to help you decide what the truth is about these structures so you can get started on your next building project as soon as possible.

Myth #1: Metal Buildings Are Too Expensive – When you choose to start your building project with metal, the initial upfront cost may be more than that of other building materials. But by choosing metal, you’re opting for a material that is specifically designed to last for decades with little required maintenance. You can’t say the same for traditional wooden builds or those made with stone or concrete! In the long run, you’ll be saving a significant amount of your money on labor, maintenance and much more.

Myth #2: Metal Buildings Aren’t Energy Efficient – With the hot summer sun beating down on your backyard shed, there’s no doubt it gets brutally hot inside. With a custom steel structure, you won’t have to worry about interior temperature changes. With proper insulation and maintenance, you can keep a comfortable interior temperature while using less energy than wooden structures. And because they’re recyclable, you can also have peace of mind knowing you aren’t polluting the air or earth.

Myth #3: Metal Buildings Rust Easily – Before leaving the manufacturing facility for installation, each component is dipped in a hot zinc protective coating. With this added layer, the only way rust or corrosion can occur is if the coating is damaged or the edges aren’t sealed during installation.

Myth #4: Metal Contracts and Expands with Changing Temperatures – For some people, their biggest fear is that as the temperatures change, their metal building will expand and contract. While metal will do this with the changing temperatures, the engineers use advanced technology and specific fasteners to minimize the possibility of new openings and gaps. Unlike structures built with other materials, you won’t have to worry about the unit cracking or falling down.

Myth #5: Metal Buildings Are Unattractive and Limited in Design – No. Just, no. Steel is the most versatile building material available in the construction industry. And despite popular belief, prefab metal structures aren’t limited to rectangular and square layouts. With the ability to use different colors, finishes, and other features, you can make your unit as detailed or as simple as you’d like. And with other customization options such as trim, roof styles, doors and windows, you can make sure it blends seamlessly with surrounding structures.

Myth #6: Metal Buildings Are Weak and Flimsy – If you’ve ever driven down the highway and seen an old tin barn fallen in, you probably have an idea where this myth came from. Keep in mind, the farmers who built those barns were limited in funds and had to work with scrap metal and tin. The steel structures we provide nowadays are made from high quality, galvanized steel materials. They’re pre-cut, pre-drilled and ready-to-go when they arrive on site.

Myth #7: Steel Buildings Are Complicated to Build – This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Pre-engineered metal buildings are well-known for their quick and easy construction. When they arrive on site, they are pre-cut, pre-drilled and ready for assembly. The time needed to erect a steel building is not nearly as long as that required for a wooden building.

Myth #8: Metal Buildings Interfere with Electronic Devices and Connections – Steel buildings do not interfere with Wi-Fi connections or your electronic devices. Electromagnetic waves will still pass through a metal building as they would any other structure style.

Get the Solution You Need with a Prefab Metal Building

And there you have it – 8 metal building myths busted! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us today at (800) 691-5221 or visit our website to speak with one of our professional building representatives. Built it better and build it with the best. Choose to build your metal structure with us here at Get Carports.

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