Two Thumbs Up!!!

These Guys knew whats up, they were an excellent crew, they treated my property, home, neighbors, and metal building with respect and care. Group leader was named Junior, they were very friendly and knew English fairly well. I am extremely satisfied, they arrived at my house on a Monday a little after lunch to build my 24x24x10 Shop. they worked past sundown with lights on their heads, then showed up at 7am on Tuesday and started working, a bad thunderstorm rolled through and rained for 4hrs. my yard was flooded, but these guys worked in the rain, stomping around in mud, soaking wet until they finished the job, They showed me that the building did not leak during the rain, then when they were done they asked for my approval of the building, and if i had any problems, they would fix it before they left. they cleaned up all trash, and asked if it was all good before they left. These guys need a raise or something, because I will definitely be referring this company to anyone who asks with two thumbs up!!! I just cant explain how Great of a job these guys did in this little letter. you have got some great guys working for you, you need to hang on to that group. Thank You Michael!!!

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