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Prefab Metal Buildings Are Society’s Savior During Natural Disasters

Prefab Metal Buildings Are Society’s Savior During Natural Disasters

From hurricanes and wildfires, to flooding and other various natural disasters, there have been a number of disasters to impact different areas of the world. And despite the severity of these disasters, there is one lesson we always seem to learn from them – traditional homes and buildings just aren’t built to withstand them. When compared to the more traditional, wooden structures, it was found that steel buildings had a longer survival rate and could withstand much worse conditions.

Metal Buildings are the Solution You Need

When it comes to protecting your property from natural disasters, the primary benefit of opting for steel is its ultimate durability. Steel is a strong yet lightweight building material, allowing you to enjoy a safe, strong structure. A few of the other benefits offered by these reliable structures include those we listed below.

  • Superior Strength – Each steel component used to piece together our metal buildings is dipped in a hot zinc coating to add a protective layer to the unit. This allows it to continue standing strong and tall throughout the years, even during harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and floods. Unlike wooden structures, steel isn’t susceptible to rot, pest infestations, termites and other harmful factors.
  • Customizable – Our metal structures are customizable to most any need you may have, whether it’s residential, agricultural or industrial. From the foundation your unit is installed on, to the roof that completes it, you can design and customize every aspect of your own steel building.
  • Certified Protection – All our steel structures have the option to be certified to better withstand harsh weather conditions and meet all local and state building codes. These units are specifically designed to last much longer than other structures, giving you the perfect solution.

Special Weather Considerations

For most people who reside in the United States, experiencing a severe thunderstorm is a natural occurrence; for others, their natural occurrence is far worse. The few natural disasters we’ve listed below are a select few that are known to wreak havoc.

  • Earthquakes – If you reside in an area that often experiences earthquakes, you most likely know just how important it is that your structure have a strong foundation. Before you have your site prepared for installation, you should consider having a geotechnical engineer check the soil. They can provide the engineer with more insight on the proper foundation type.
  • Hurricanes & Tornadoes – Both of these storm types can produce extremely high winds, causing an uplift that could ruin a rugged building. With a properly installed steel structure, you can have peace of mind that your unit may last just a little longer. You can also opt for high impact doors and windows to reduce the overall amount of damage.
  • Wildfires – Unlike traditional wooden structures, steel is non-combustible. By having steel walls and roofing panels installed, any sparks from a wildfire that may reach your unit won’t cause the flames to spread. This will keep your belongings inside protected from the heat as well.
  • Floods – All our steel structures are designed to have a protective coating that keeps them safe from corrosion caused by moisture. While a metal building that is flooded will still require proper insulation and some flooring, any other material would be susceptible to mold and mildew.

Protect Your Property From Natural Disasters With a Reliable Steel Structure

No matter what kind of weather conditions your area is prone to, our steel buildings can help protect your belongings from them. Not only do we offer a variety of durable steel structures to choose from, but we also offer additional features such as insulation and extra anchors to keep your unit safe and secure. For more information about what we offer here at Get Carports, give us a call today at 800 691 5221 to speak with one of our representatives.

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